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What You Can Enjoy in a Virtual World

Rate this Article What exciting things can you get out of being a user in a virtual world? Virtual Worlds Land! - What You Can Enjoy in a Virtual World

Virtual world simulators are quite popular nowadays. Second Life, for instance, is one of those very popular sims with millions of users online at every time. Every day, there is always one person who signs up for an account at a virtual world sim so these communities are sure to experience constant growth no matter what happens in the actual world.

Virtual world sims are sometimes mistaken for games. While the simulator has the look and feel of a video game, it is actually more than that. It is, as some would say, an extension of their lives. Virtual worlds are where they can do stuff that they normally cannot do in the real world, simply because there are social and cultural norms imposed on each and every one of us.

So what are you, as the user, able to do in these virtual worlds?

First, you can set up communities. In a way, a virtual world’s open world is similar to MOBAs, or multiplayer online battle arena games. You can meet people along the way as your avatar walks through the virtual world.

You can strike up friendships with these people or users, and you could also set up communities – a place in the virtual world where you and other like-minded users can gather their avatars together to party, to play games, and just about everything under the sun. Your imagination is the limit in these “games,” after all.

Pursuing continuing education is also possible with virtual worlds. This is because, as mentioned earlier, a virtual world is merely an extension of the real world, albeit a more flexible one. One can actually take classes in the virtual world. Certain simulators actually allow users to set up a classroom environment and teach classes through the Chat functionality.

Virtual worlds, after all, take the Chat functionality to the next level – in IMVU, for instance, a private chat room is visually represented as a penthouse owned by your avatar, and one which you can customize as according to your preferences.

For those with entrepreneurial mindsets, you might be glad to know that virtual worlds also present an opportunity for you to earn money. This is where the “gaming” concept works in your favor when playing virtual worlds, as accomplishing certain actions like joining a new chatroom or fully establishing your online profile can result to rewards in virtual money.

How do users convert virtual money to real currency? This can be done by launching a virtual business in the world that you have an account in – open a restaurant, establish a parlor or purchase large properties that you can sell for virtual currency. You can also offer your services as an online teacher in these virtual worlds. The point is, you earn virtual money that can then be exchanged for real money.

You can also purchase advertising space in these virtual worlds for your real business, if you have the budget for it. Most virtual world developers offer these options for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

There is a world for you to explore as a virtual world resident. All it takes is your imagination, your determination and the time to spend exploring these worlds. Have fun!

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