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вторник, октября 17, 2017

Find Games Like Shattered the 1000 Games Milestone

... like a boss! Find game like Cooking Craze at Find Games Like If you've been with us since the past month or so, you'd have noticed that we have been posting some blog posts mentioning about our new Games Like website aptly named, Find Games Like, like our 500 milestone and 300 milestone blog posts. Well.... guess what? We've just shattered our biggest milestone yet - 1000 games!

A quick refresher if you will, Find Games Like is our most recent brainchild/website that is specifically designed to help you - yes, you! - find alternative games that are similar to the one you've once played and enjoyed or even games that you think you'd like. So, let's say you realized that you'd really, really like playing simulation games, specifically cooking-themed time management games like Cooking Craze.

Now, what you can do is to put in the title of the game into Find Games Like's search box, press Enter and viola! You'll get a list of the closest games to Cooking Craze you'll ever find, which include popular cooking-themed time management games like the similarly tap-based game, Kitchen Craze; the equally-challenging Cooking Fever, and up to 20 other different games that you can browse through at your leisure. At the end of the day, everyone's happy and Find Games Like did its job perfectly yet again!

Find Games Like is definitely much more superior that any of the Games Like websites right now because our algorithms, which help group up similar games, are the best in the market so far! So, why waste your time manually going through the games listed on all these other websites when you can just check our game lists out? Drop by Find Games Like right now and start searching for alternatives to your favorite games!