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Voxel-based Lista de Jogos

Games that contain or are consisted of voxels. Minecraft


Sandbox GameConstruçãoAvatarVoxel-basedCraftingDesign de casasSurvivalZombies 9,5 Vote Play Minecraft and build your own world. Create anything that your imagination comes up with, from your dream house to magical islands.

Gather materials from everything in the world.

Create items and buildings wherever you wish.

The only limit is your imagination!
Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles

Empire BuildingFantasy SettingVoxel-based 10 Vote Build your own personal realm with in-world materials in Cubic Castles.

Visit other people’s realms and get inspirations, or collaborate with other users to build your realm.

Organize activities like Roleplaying and many others in your realm.


Mundo VirtualSandbox GameConstruçãoMountsAnimais de estimaçãoVoxel-basedAventuraRaids - Vote Create your own voxel-based masterpieces in Trove

Harvest and collect resources from the virtual environment

Explore the various biomes and worlds on offer in the game


Mundo VirtualCity BuildingVoxel-based 10 Vote Create your own world that you can bring people in, or keep them out.

Collect seeds that you can graft together to create certain items for use in the game.

Join in the bustling community in this one-of-a-kind 2D voxel virtual world.
Robo Blast Planet

Robo Blast Planet

Seguro para criançasVoxel-basedJogador contra JogadorRobots 10 Vote Explore a world in beautiful voxel visuals.

Customize your robot with items you get from your adventures.

Play blaster matches against fellow players in the virtual world.
WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft

WorldCraft: 3D Build & Craft

Mundo VirtualSandbox GameSurvivalConstruçãoFantasy SettingVoxel-based 9,5 Vote Build your own voxel-based world from scratch.

Tame virtual animals, or hunt them for their meat.

Craft weapons from materials you can find in your world to help you survive.


Sandbox GameSurvivalVoxel-basedJogador contra Jogador - Vote Explore a humongous world full of unbelievable structures made of bricks.

Craft weapons, and essential items from the materials you see around you.

Teleport anywhere within the world to save time from traveling.

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