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Create your own voxel-based masterpieces in Trove

Harvest and collect resources from the virtual environment

Explore the various biomes and worlds on offer in the game

Set off on an exciting adventure in Trove, a voxel-based MMORPG that gives you the freedom to explore various biomes and worlds, craft essential tools, and create marvelous masterpieces using the many resources available. If you enjoy sandbox-type games, Trove is definitely a game that you’ll enjoy!

Ready to get started? Well, you’ll first need to select a character out of the 14 different classes to play with. There are sufficient (but not many) character customizations that you can have fun tweaking, including hair styles, head type and skin tones. Characters in this game are leveled independently, and once you’ve chosen a character, the other characters will then be locked away behind a paywall of cubits. That said, you can easily unlock new classes by earning cubits by playing the game. Anyway, once you have picked an avatar you’d like, you’re ready to start creating!

The controls in Trove are pretty simple as well. Generally, you’ll be left clicking to place blocks, right clicking to pick up blocks and pressing the “T” key to cycle through the various modes available, including the build mode and combat mode. Even without any experience playing voxel-based or sandbox type games, you’ll be able to learn these controls in a jiffy!

Furthermore, Trove shares many similarities to one of the most popular voxel-based game there is - Minecraft as well. This is because you will definitely be spending quite a lot of time roaming the various biomes and worlds in Trove in order to not only explore these new locations, but also to find and harvest useful resources.

Trove is a game that strives on creativity and thus, it is not surprising to see many players fully utilizing the resources or blocks that they have harvested to create a variety of beautiful masterpieces, such as a castle in the sky (which was “anchored” to the ground via an enormous chain), a large and climbable skull that contains hidden chambers within, or even an impressive and humongous replica of the famous Starship Enterprise from Star Trek! If going for the extravagant aren’t exactly your style, you could always settle for something more humble like a quaint little hovel, or a multi-level underground dwelling.

These amazing creations can be built either on your personal cornerstone (a.k.a. a piece of land in the virtual world that you can claim for free) or on the land owned by your guild. Whatever you can think of can be designed and created in Trove... and this is exactly why this game is among the most popular free-to-play sandbox MMORPGs there is since its launch last year.

Not to mention, the developers behind Trove are more than happy to include designs that their immensely creative community can come up with into the game itself. Thus, it is pretty common to see dropped in-game items that have a credit dictated to the player who has created it. In addition, you can even build your very own dungeons for other players to raid in and submit it for approval to Trove’s development team as well!

Of course, being an MMORPG, Trove also has plenty of elements that MMO gamers would enjoy, such as questing, raiding, PvPing, world boss hunting, and many more exciting events. There are even achievements, mounts and pets that you can collect too. Due to this, there is never a dull moment in Trove!

In short, Trove is an impressive MMORPG that mimics Minecraft to some extend and yet has plenty of unique features of its own. Due to its incredible freedom to create, it is the sort of game that highly creative people would definitely enjoy. If you are one of these people, you should definitely check out Trove. Trust me.... you won’t regret it! Trove Resumo

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Impressive castle in the sky in Trove Trove: Fishing at the lake One of the many player creations in Trove Create your own voxel-based masterpieces in Trove

Harvest and collect resources from the virtual environment

Explore the various biomes and worlds on offer in the game
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