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Kid Safe Games List

Top 10 Kid Safe Games
Games that are safe for children to play with special restrictions or designed just for kids to enjoy. My First World

My First World

Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafeAvatarEducational 7.4 Rate With My First World you can create your own website, with your own designs or choose from a large variety of pre made options. Add games and more for free.

Choose your website name and the look.

Add games and other features to suit your style.

Build in your own designs for a unique look.
Baby & Me

Baby & Me

Kid Safe 8 Rate Go shopping, visit friends, plan events and play learning games with your little one in this Free to Play Facebook game.

Being a mother can be a tough job, but you're not alone! Now you and your friends on Facebook can work and play together in Baby & Me.

Baby & Me lets you step into the shoes of a Modern Mom, caring for your own baby and yourself. Go shopping, visit friends, plan events and play learning games with your baby.
Super Babysitter

Super Babysitter

Kid Safe 9 Rate Test your babysitting skills in this adorable endless game.

Take care of increasing numbers of babies with different needs and wants until their mother comes back.

Use the many activities available to satisfy their needs and keep them happy in order to earn the most money.
Animal Jam

Animal Jam

Virtual WorldMini GamesAnimalsKid SafePetEducational 9.2 Rate Animal Jam is a fun animal themed virtual world brought to you by National Geographic. Create your own animal avatar and explore this wonderful educational and safe world.

Choose your first animal and customise your look.

Explore the world and play games as you go.

Create your perfect den full of cool furniture and items.
Yoobot vs YooNot


Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafeAvatar 10 Rate Create your own Yoobot and see if you can defeat your evil twin YooNot with your daily routine and fun Dodgeball games.

Choose the look and decorations for your Yoobot.

Plan your meals and activities for each day.

Play Dodgeball to beat your own YooNot.
Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest

Virtual WorldKid SafeAvatar 10 Rate Unfortunately the developers of Monkey Quest have now closed the game. Please feel free to browse our selection of fantastic games for something new to play.

Play Monkey Quest and save the world! Play fun games and play with your friends as you monkey around the fantastic world of Ook.

Create your own monkey and begin your adventure.

Enjoy fun games and have your own pets.

Play with your friends as you explore the world of Ook.


Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafePetAvatarEducational 8.7 Rate Play Herotopia and save the world from the Bully Bunch. Use your superpowers for good and along the way make yourself a cool hideout.

Save the Smighties and collect them all.

Play fun games and complete missions to stop the Bully Bunch.

Decorate your own super hideout with cool stuff.
Webbli World

Webbli World

Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafePetAvatarEducational 10 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Webbli World here:

Change how you look at any time.

Buy cool stuff for your WebbliPod.

Play the racing game to win new clothes and furniture.


Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafeAvatar 8 Rate We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Shidonni here:

Draw your own favorite pet and then it becomes you in Shidonni.

Explore the world and play amazing fun games.

Create your own food and your own house.
Franktown Rocks

Franktown Rocks

Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafeAvatarEducational 7 Rate Enjoy a fantastic music experience in Franktown Rocks. Play your favorite instruments and lots of fun games in this free children’s virtual world.

Create your animal character and play fun instruments.

Play great games to earn Franks to spend on cool stuff.

Decorate your own house with amazing furniture.

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