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Fantasy Setting Games List

Top 10 Fantasy Setting Games
Here you can play characters, explore worlds and play withing games set in a Fantasy world, either from books, history or the imagination. Koyotl


Fantasy Setting - Rate Become the tribal warrior that shall stop Koyotl from gaining control over the 5 elements.

Set out on a fantasy adventure in this captivating world that is filled with enchanting elements.

Develop your character over the game's complex possibilities to have lasting effects over the entire play.
Forbidden Garden

Forbidden Garden

BuildingGardenFantasy SettingManagement - Rate Defy the norm and take the role as a wicked villain on a majestic journey for supremacy.

Stand proud as a villain that is on a quest to find the greatest power.

Discover untold magic and hidden places with vast explorations and exciting quests.
Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman

In Pursuit of the Shaman

Fantasy SettingTime Management - Rate Experience cool time management gameplay with refined ideas.

Easy to understand game mechanics and nice objectives.

One of a kind graphics that will immerse you into the experience.


AnimalsGardenFantasy SettingFlowersPetFarm 7.3 Rate Venture into the secluded yet magical world of Fantasyrama where the Great Tree of Life resides

Help the magical creatures of the place grow and harvest mysterious plants

Bring back magic to the world and nurse The Great Tree of Life back to health
Charmcraft Hollow

Charmcraft Hollow

Fantasy SettingFarmManagement - Rate Combine magical items and rare components to put together powerful items that will help restore magic in Charmcraft Hollow.

Build amazing structures and wonders to entice the Society that Charmcraft Hollow must be saved.

Move the earth to rebuild the magical and powerful society of Charmcraft Hollow.
Dino Water World

Dino Water World

City BuildingBuildingFantasy SettingZooDinosaursPet Battle 8.6 Rate Raise and breed ferocious sea dinosaurs in your very own prehistoric underwater zoo in Dino Water World

Pit your dinosaurs against other players' in an awesome Pokemon-like battle

Keep your town of zoo-keepers happy so they’ll tend to your food farms
Royal Story

Royal Story

City BuildingBuildingFantasy SettingFarm 8.6 Rate Set up the farm of your dreams in this magical land in Royal Story

Plant and grow crops to feed the magical creatures in your kingdom

Defeat the evil witch, Altessa, and return peace and prosperity to your lands
Island Experiment

Island Experiment

City BuildingBuildingSurvivalFantasy SettingFarm 4.2 Rate Join a small group of explorers in their treasure hunting adventure

Create a sustainable outpost to support the various expeditions to explore the island

Go spelunking in deep caves and collect valuable artifacts
Forest Clans

Forest Clans

City BuildingFantasy SettingFarm - Rate Enjoy this high quality simulation game that's unlike any other you've seen before.

Build structures on your forest, sell your produce and eventually become the owner of the most prosperous forest across the land.

Hike across the mountains to see how other players are doing in the game.
Royal Garden

Royal Garden

AnimalsFantasy SettingFarmManagement 9 Rate Rescue the kingdom from the darkness.

Restore order and productivity by building houses and tending to the farm.

Reclaim more lands from the mist by harvesting light energy.

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