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Home Design Games List

Top 10 Home Design Games
Where you are designing or improving your home. Secret Builders

Secret Builders

Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafeAvatarEducational 5 Rate Go on an educational adventure in this exciting virtual world.

Take on quests, challenge players to games and learn new things.

Spice up your avatar and challenge your own aesthetic sense and artistry.
Club Penguin

Club Penguin

Virtual WorldMini GamesKid SafePetAvatarEducationalHome Design 8.2 Rate Play Club Penguin and waddle around the world as you meet fellow penguins, play games and decorate your own igloo.

Choose your look and explore this amazing world.

Own pets and play cool games anywhere.

Decorate your own igloo with fun furniture and show it off to other people.
Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet

Virtual WorldFashion DesignFashionMini GamesKid SafePartyBeachAvatarHome DesignSocialFashion Competition 9.1 Rate Become a famous superstar in Movie Star Planet a virtual world where you become the center of attention. Create your own style and decorate your own pad in this free game.

Choose your look and step into the fabulous world of movie stars.

Earn Starcoins by playing fun games and activities.

Become a superstar and set the newest trends.
Design This Home

Design This Home

Home Design 7.4 Rate Play Design This Home and create your own beautiful home as you decorate each room to your taste. Choose from over 600 unique items and designs.

Decorate your houses and increase their value.

Own and style several different houses.

Show off your houses to your friends.
Super Secret

Super Secret

Home DesignKid SafeAvatar 6.8 Rate Create your avatar and explore the world of Super Secret, become the most stylish person around with a cool wardrobe and pimped out penthouse.

Choose your look and style.

Play great games to earn style bucks to spend on great stuff.

Own a pet and decorate your penthouse.
Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

Virtual WorldHome DesignKid SafePetAvatarEducational 7.1 Rate Play Moshi Monsters and have fun catching your Moshlings and playing amazing games.

Create your monster and explore a bright fun world.

Grow plants to collect your moshlings.

Decorate your home and have friends come and visit.


Sandbox GameBuildingAvatarVoxel-basedCraftingHome DesignSurvivalZombies 9.5 Rate Play Minecraft and build your own world. Create anything that your imagination comes up with, from your dream house to magical islands.

Gather materials from everything in the world.

Create items and buildings wherever you wish.

The only limit is your imagination!


Virtual WorldHome DesignAvatar 9.2 Rate Create your very own Stardoll and live the glamorous life of your dreams!

Stardoll features the latest fashion, prettiest makeup and the ability to design your own clothes, hair and jewelry.

Show off to all your friends and become the days best dressed model.


Virtual WorldHome DesignFashionPartyAvatar 8.3 Rate Live the life of a Couture designer and establish your name in the World of Fashion as you become a Fashion Icon.

Play a compelling adventure with over 2500 quests.

Dress up to the latest fashion and create your own unique style.
Star 86

Star 86

Virtual WorldHome DesignFashionKid SafePartyAvatar 8.4 Rate We are sorry to announce that the developers of Star 86 have closed the game. Please feel free to browse our selection of games to find a replacement.

Play Star 86 and enter a world full of music and creativity. Build your own planet while you make music and play fun games.

Explore a bright world full of fun and games.

Create your own music and share with your friends.

Build your own planet from your small spaceship.

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