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sabato, giugno 13, 2015

5 Amazing Fashion Games

Fashion is important, and enjoying yourself is also important and in these 5 games you can find both fun and the best clothes all in one place. Second Life Lady Popular IMVU GalaStories Stardoll Fashion has been a big part of our lives for a long time, and this has also translated into the virtual games that we play. Some games dedicate themselves to fashion, while others give you the option to use it as part of a greater experience. No matter what kind world you play in there are clothes and accessories aplenty.

There are many things that you can do with fashion, set a trend yourself or make a statement about who you are. You can also show your support for or that you are part of a group. This freedom to do what you want and express yourself in any way you feel is really great, and has translated into the games that we play in the same, if not a more powerful way.

Designing your own clothes is also a big plus, you can really set out to create something unique and personal to you. There are games where you can sell your creations and even become the hottest designer around with a huge range of clothes. Though this takes a bit of effort it can be really rewarding.

We have put together a group of games that all give you the opportunity to play with fashions, to be who you want and do what you want. Looking to be the best designer, you can or if you want to show off your taste on a catwalk you can. In all of these games there is something for you to enjoy.

Beginning with Stardoll, a simulation game with a huge range of clothes for you to pick from and then show off on the catwalks and glamerous locations of the game. With a gorgeous 3D look and easy style there are lots of things for you to do, and being on Facebook you can also share what you do with your friends and help them out.

IMVU takes a different turn in this full virtual world you can explore a huge range of chat locations, from the hottest clubs to quiet beaches in the sun. And of course you can have just the right outfit to let you do that, with thousands of items available and the option to completely customise your avatar in any way you want there is a stage waiting for you here.

With GalaStories you can create a stunning wardrobe packed full of the latest and hottest items. Once you do there are walk offs against other players, catwalk competitions and shops where you can be seen and shop till you drop. With your own apartment to decorate too there is no end to the fun.

Second Life is another huge world, this time almost a mirror for the real one and there are millions of players all over the world. Here you can become a developer and create your own items, just for yourself or to sell, you might even make a profit on your time. When the only limit to what you can create is your imagination there is really no stopping you. With a catalog of items and looks going into the millions there is the perfect item and look waiting for you.

Perhaps one of the bet simulation virtual games out there is Lady Popular, where you and your friends can create whole styles for yourselves, and share them with the world. Here you can find romance with an in game boyfriend, shop till you drop all over the world and still find time to change your look, hair and clothes to be the hottest person in town.

If fashion really is your thing then each of these games has a stunning range of options for you and a huge amount of fun to be had. Give one of these games a try and we know you will find something you enjoy, just as much as we have.