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पूराने पौस्टस Kamis, Mei 29, 2014

New Safari Clothing Range for ourWorld

Our World Safari Line ourWorld have released a new Mystery Box featuring Safari clothes and special items! Open your Mystery Box Today! और पढिय
Selasa, Mei 27, 2014

Avataria Launches New Clothes Line

New Military Clothing Line The Facebook Virtual World Avataria has launched a new outfit range in their shops, based on military wear! और पढिय
Senin, Mei 26, 2014

नया गेम जोडा गया है: Island Oasis

Island Oasis Dance Club Christmas Party in Island Oasis Island Oasis Log Cabin Welcome to a new and exciting world, Island Oasis lets you create whatever you want in paradise! Enter this stunning 3D Virtual World.

Create your avatar and then change you look whenever you want.

Explore beautiful locations and shops full of amazing items.

Be creative and build your own paradise.
और पढिय
Minggu, Mei 25, 2014

MovieStarPlanet Congratulates Conchita

Conchita Wurst The Virtual World MovieStarPlanet took time out to wish Conchita Wurst congratulations for her win on Eurovision! और पढिय
Kamis, Mei 22, 2014

Horse Riding in Second Life

Second Life Horse Riding Second life is an amazing vast virtual world, with a large variety of activities. Horse Riding is fun and relaxing, and it's even better if you're riding a unicorn! और पढिय
Kamis, Mei 22, 2014

Woozworld now available on the App Store.

Wooz World on App Store For all of you Woozworld fans there is great news! You can now play this fabulous virtual world anywhere on your Apple devices. Simply visit the App Store. और पढिय
Rabu, Mei 21, 2014

नया गेम जोडा गया है: Lady Popular

Lady Popular Podium Apartment in Lady Popular Lady Popular: Fashion showdown Play Lady Popular and enter a stunning world of fashion, fun and friends! Go shopping for you and your pets and enter into fashion shows to strut your stuff.

Choose or change your look whenever you want to.

Pick your outfit from thousands of options.

Strut your stuff on the catwalk.
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Senin, Mei 19, 2014

नया अनुच्छेद जोड़ा गया: आभासी दुनिया लडकियो के लिये

Virtual Worlds for Girls preview image बहुत सारी आभासी दुनिया खेलने के लिए उपलब्ध है और दुनिया भर के लाखों लोग उन्हें खेलते है, इस दुनिया की वह क्या चीज है जो युवा महिलाओं को ऐसे एक आभासी वातावरण में शामिल होने के लिए आकर्षित करती है? इस लेख में हम कवर करेगें विशिष्ट क्षेत्रों में से कुछ को जो लड़कियों को आकर्षित करती हैं। और पढिय
Senin, Mei 19, 2014

नया गेम जोडा गया है: Inworldz

Inworldz Halloween House Cafe in Inworldz Inworldz Party Welcome to Inworldz, a place where you can express your self and create your own paradise islands. Mingle and make new friends in this great Virtual World.

Create your own ideal virtual world in this incredibly beautiful and social game, InWorldz

Create and customize your own avatar in any way you want

Have fun hanging out with your friends and throw huge parties
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Kamis, Mei 8, 2014

नया गेम जोडा गया है: Chicken Smoothie

Chicken Smoothie Adoption Page Store in Chicken Smoothie Chicken Smoothie Pets Play Chicken Smoothie and adopt your own cute pets! Join a huge community of players and enjoy your free cute animals.

Adopt pets for free and watch them grow.

Trade your pets with other players.

Create your own artwork and share on the forums.
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