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Enter an immense virtual world where you can do what you want, when you want.

Create an avatar truly unique to yourself and shop till you drop in a huge range of stores.

Participate in fun events and socialize with hundreds of other players all at once.

In words of the developer, “The only limit in Virtual Highway is your imagination”. This statement might sound rather far-fetched but amazingly enough it manages to hold true for every single part of the game. Virtual Highway is a phenomenal virtual world that is filled to the brim with things to do and is a great experience for both seasoned virtual world players and for new players who are just getting into the genre.

There are 2 stages to enjoying the world of Virtual Highway, firstly you need to register your account and select your avatar on the website then you need to log in to a Viewer such as Phoenix or Singularity. There are a few different viewers available to explore the world in, and there will be a quick guide later in the review on how to get it all working.

When you create your account you can choose your first avatar and when you enter the world this determines your first look. Once online in the Landing there are several free gifts available from various stores and you can begin to customize your look straight away. Many of these booths will also allow you to teleport straight to the shop so you can start spending on more items if you wish.

The game is divided into several sections, and here you can choose to browse through the houses people have built, explore beautiful islands or enter into one of the dedicated role play areas where you can become any character you wish within the setting and play games with lots of like minded people.

You can also build your own house, buying land will cost real money but once you buy it you own it forever. Here you can do anything you want and create any kind of setting for your home. There are lots of stores with houses and furniture, cars and much more. There is also the option for you to open a store yourself. Virtual Highway allows you to make items and sell them to other players for V$. V$ is the main currency in the game, and they can be purchased for real money directly in the game. They are also available from the website too.

Moving around the world is easy, you are able to fly over terrain and walking around uses the arrow keys. To chat someone simply start using the letter keys and it opens up the window. You can send messages to your friends and there is a panel where you can see who is online and send messages to those offline. There is also a right click menu that allows you to interact with objects and people in the game, a wheel appears with all of your options.

Virtual Highway can look pretty good, but it depends on the mirror you are using and how upgraded your pc is. The game is quite heavy and it can take a long time for some things to load, particularly clothing and the area you just teleported too. On the highest settings it looks pretty good, but to achieve those settings for some people may be a little tougher. There can also be some confusion when you first enter the game, there are lots of options and features that jump out at you all at once and actually getting to actually play the game is not a one click process.

Once you have registered on the website, it is time for you to find and download a viewer to play the game on. There is a link in the FAQ page, which we will share with you Here that has a list of viewers. A viewer is a third party program that allows you to see and play the game.

Once the viewer is installed you will need to send a link from that program to the game. In order to do that you need to go to the preferences section of the program and add the “grid”, which means you copy the below text into the grid field and click on add or search depending on the viewer.

The grid link you need is : copy this text and then place it where you need. Once you have this you can log into the world and enjoy the game.

Overall there are lots of fun things you can do in Virtual Highway, though it may not be the easiest of virtual worlds to explore, it does have a lot of what you want from this style of game and it can be a fun place to be. Virtual Highway Summary

Video - Virtual Worlds Land!

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Create an avatar truly unique to yourself and shop till you drop in a huge range of stores.

Participate in fun events and socialize with hundreds of other players all at once.
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