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Create your very own Stardoll and live the glamorous life of your dreams!

Stardoll features the latest fashion, prettiest makeup and the ability to design your own clothes, hair and jewelry.

Show off to all your friends and become the days best dressed model.

Enter into a gorgeous world of fashion and living the high life as you create your own Stardoll. Choose your look and then head to your own apartment and check out your wardrobe. From there the possibilities are endless, with loads of stores to browse, games to play and of course, showing off your look.

You begin with a few clothes in your wardrobe all of your own, and you can pick a look and head out to hit the shops. In the Starplaza there are over 60 shops for you to browse through, selling the latest high street fashions, items for your house or brand new makeup.

Once you have your new clothes you can go try them on, or add your perfect makeup to compliment your look. All of this can be done in the beauty parlour, where you can change your look and styling whenever you want.

When you have your look just the way you want it you can be entered into the catwalk. In the catwalk other players on Stardoll can see your outfit and make a vote on it. Each day the person with the most votes is the Covergirl and will win 25 Stardollars. All you need to do to enter is to save your look to your album and it will automatically show in the catwalk.

Once you have been to see the show in the catwalk you can go and play some of the games available. If you want to you can dress up other people, from movie stars to royalty you can choose what they wear and put them in any clothes that you want.

There are also loads of cool games in the Starcade for you to play. You can have pets, play guessing games or solve puzzles. Just enter into the Starcade and choose the game you want to play, its all completely free. With over 25 different games for you to try.

If you want to design your own clothes you can step into the Stardesign studio where you can create your own fashion line. Once you enter in you can choose your model and then begin to design outfits all of you own. As well as clothes you can create makeup, jewellery and hair styles. You can also create furniture for your apartment.

There are 2 types of currency for you to spend in Stardoll, starcoins and stardollars. You can earn coins by completing tasks every day, if you click on the starcoins at the top you can see what you need to do each day, and how many coins you can earn. The more things you do a day the more coins you can earn.

Stardollars are earned from winning the fashion show each day, and for completing your daily tasks, though you will earn less dollars than coins. You can also buy the stardollars for real money direct from the website, there is a bar at the top for purchasing them there.

There are so many cool clothes and great games to play in Stardoll, and there are always new clothes being added. The ability to create your own fashion line is amazing, and you can send your clothes to your friends too. Stardoll is a really pretty game, and the stuff you can buy is amazing. Its easy to play and move around and there is so much to do you can never get bored. Stardoll Summary

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Stardoll features the latest fashion, prettiest makeup and the ability to design your own clothes, hair and jewelry.

Show off to all your friends and become the days best dressed model.
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