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Be whatever your want to be in the most popular virtual world ever created.

With amazing avatar customization, endless surprises and unexpected delights designed for and by players like you.

Join the biggest online community and explore all it has to offer.

Welcome to perhaps the biggest virtual world there is. Second Life is an amazing 3D virtual place to do whatever you want in, mirroring the real world in many ways, but giving you the freedom to do anything you want, and be anything that you wish.

You begin by creating your avatar and from there you can begin to explore the world. There are lots of shops, clubs, parties and events that you can participate in. There are even educational courses and games run inside of the game.

As you travel around you will be able to meet lots of people often at clubs or in open public spaces. Meeting people and making friends is a huge part of any virtual world, and Second Life gives a huge range of opportunities to do so.

There are also lots of shops and places for you to customise the look of your avatar, as well as options to own land and your own houses and much more. One you own land there are specialist retailers for everything that you could need.

But you don’t just have to purchase items, with a developer account on the game, you are able to create your own stuff. You can make clothes, accessories or even design houses, cars or luxury yachts. The ability to make almost anything you want is fantastic, especially with the option to then sell these items to other players.

If you want to really settle down you can also purchase land, either in a large public area or even your own private island. Once you own the land you can do almost anything you wish from change the shape to building a huge mansion.

Once you have everything in place its time to find one of the huge range of activities here. There are almost always parties going on, with nightclubs, cafes and even concerts to attend. These events are a great place to meet people and show off your own style.

There is one currency in the game, called Linden Dollars, or L$. There are several ways to obtain them, you begin play with some to spend on your avatar. You can create and sell items to other players and you can purchase the L$ from the game or authorised dealers.

The graphics for Second Life are simply stunning, with a downloaded program you are able to step into a fully realised, very realistic world full of amazing real and imagined architecture and items.

Moving around is easy to do, with simple controls and talking to other people is straightforward. You can talk openly or send private messages to people as well as track when your friends come onto the game.

There is a real beauty to this amazing world, with a fantastic range of options for you to personalise your avatar as well as one of the biggest communities of players all over the world. Second Life has everything you could ever want, and then much much more too. Second Life Summary

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