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Set up the farm of your dreams in this magical land in Royal Story

Plant and grow crops to feed the magical creatures in your kingdom

Defeat the evil witch, Altessa, and return peace and prosperity to your lands

As a newborn and the heir of a magical kingdom, your royal parents placed you under a deep sleep to protect you from the evil witch Altessa until you’re old enough to save the kingdom. Now that you’re awake, it’s time to reclaim your lands from the witch!

First things first, you’ll need to feed the poor creatures that are starving in your kingdom due to the magical shroud that the evil witch has summon on the lands. To do so, you’ll need to plant some of the earliest crops available, such as crystal posy, clover and coffee. Growing crops may take quite some time, and to quicken things up, you can use the magical fertilizer that you can buy using real cash at the store. In this game, there are even trees that you can plant such as wisteria, orange and apple trees as well.

Are your crops or trees ready to harvest? Well, every plot of crops harvested will cost you 1 energy point while trees will cost you 2 energy points. The game provides you with a limited amount of energy points, but don’t worry - they will recharge themselves over time. Also, harvesting a particular crop repeatedly in Royal Story will earn you mastery medals. There are 3 grades of medals that you can obtain, namely bronze, silver and gold.

Like most farming simulation games out there, you are also allowed to keep animals. Animals that you buy from the store are baby animals and you’ll need to first feed them with milk from baby bottles until they mature. Baby bottles cost rubies (premium currency) or well, you can pester your friends to get some for free.

The crops you plant and harvest should correspond with the food you need to feed the animals in your kingdom as different animals have different food preferences. For instance, cows eat clovers, rabbits eat carrots and phoenixes prefer corns. Once fed, the animals will produce items for you. For example, when the golem is fed with crystal posies, it will produce emeralds that you can then collect.

Besides farm produce, you can also collect crafting materials from the bushes, trees, flowers, weeds, and rocks that are scattered on your land. You may even occasionally encounter one of the witch’s minions as you’re clearing your land and these minions, when defeated, drops some exclusive materials as well.

Selling raw materials won’t earn you a lot of cash. Thus, you’ll need to invest whatever cash you have on hand by buying machines or building workshops. There are many types of machines in this game, such as the cheese machine, coffee machine and windy mill. These machines and workshops can process produce or materials into finished products that you can later sell for a lot more money. Sometimes, you may even need some of that stuff to construct new buildings or to complete quests.

With some cash, you can then decorate your land with beautiful plants and items. Most items are available for in-game money, though there are some that requires rubies or humble hearts, which can be obtained by helping out on your friends’ farms. You can also expand your land once you’ve increased your castle value via building royal buildings and have reached the required level.

There are plenty more features in this incredible game that you can explore, such as pets, stickers, avatar customization and a very nice day/ night mode too! So, if you enjoy playing farming simulation games, Royal Story is definitely one game you wouldn’t want to miss! Try it today!

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Plant and grow crops to feed the magical creatures in your kingdom

Defeat the evil witch, Altessa, and return peace and prosperity to your lands
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