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Turn a simple ghost town into a prosperous and popular city that everyone wants to be a part of.

Visit your friends and help them out in various different ways.

Enjoy great visuals of a flourishing city that you put together from start to finish.

Klondike is a really unique and exciting game that is a combination of both city builder and farming genres. The game has a fascinating plot and great gameplay elements combined with some really good looking visuals to make for a really enjoyable experience. Klondike is definitely a game worth trying out due to its unique nature.

You start off in Klondike by being introduced to the game with a few dialogue boxes that explain the plot of the game a bit followed by a basic tutorial sequence designed to teach you the necessary basics of the game. The tutorial is fairly concise and covers all the necessary basics within a really small amount of time which signifies a good tutorial. Once the tutorial concludes, you’re given a fair bit of currency to start your journey off with and are set off into the world off Klondike on an epic adventure

The great thing about Klondike is that unlike many similar games, it also has a pretty good plot added into the mix. You play the role of a young man whose father went on an expedition a couple of years ago but never came back. Now that you’re old enough to go out on an adventure of your own you get the feeling that your father is alive and well which means that you must find him at any cost so you set out on an epic expedition to locate and reunite with your long lost father after all these years.

The gameplay of Klondike aims to blend together the best of city builder and farming game elements and it definitely executes this task with near perfection. Gameplay is really fun and quite addictive so it can be quite tough to let go once you get settled in. There are tons of things to do in the game such as plant and harvest crops, raise animals, create structures, and put together various industrial buildings and a ton of other things. There’s a ton of variety in Klondike as well in the form of multiple different crops, animals and building kinds so you’ll find a lot to keep you busy for hours upon hours.

Social features in Klondike are pretty solid as well. You can visit your friends and help them out in various different ways but the unique thing is that when you’re at a friend’s area you can actually mine for treasure. Mining attempts are limited but if you’re lucky you can get quite a bit of currency from them.

In terms of visuals, Klondike definitely makes the cut as one of the better looking games of its genre. There’s a ton of detail in it and everything looks incredibly sharp. Animations are extremely fluid, the art style is great and the color palette utilized is just perfect. Sound effects and music are high quality as well which only add onto the amazing experience.

There are two main currencies in Klondike which are Gold and Emeralds. Gold is the standard in-game currency used for buying things whereas emeralds are used for more special tasks such as speeding up ongoing processes or unlocking certain things before you’ve hit the required level for them. Although they can be earned in-game through many ways, both of these currencies can be acquired through micro-transactions if you ever find yourself in need of some.

Klondike is a great game that does an excellent job of bringing together the best elements of two great genres. Klondike Summary

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