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AndroidiOS SimulationCasual Storm8 3D FashionManagement
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Train yourself to become a fashion mogul.

Test your skills in managing both your money and boutique.

Be your own fashion model.

Do you have the eye for fashion, or do you dream about opening your own boutique? If you’re still trying to figure out if this business is for you, you can have a virtual dry run when you play Fashion Story.

Fashion Story is actually one of the biggest and successful game series by Storm8. There are already thematic apps available, such as the Wicked Fit, which is in line with Halloween, or Cozy Couture, which celebrates winter fashion. This game on review is the basic of them all. In other words, you can play it whenever you want.

The concept of the game is simple: manage your own boutique. You need to select the clothes to sell and the upgrades to do to invite more customers. You also have to collect diamonds and coins, among others, which you can use to buy your supplies.

But simple doesn’t always mean easy. Like a true entrepreneur, you need to manage your resources wisely. You have to figure out how to “spend less” while increasing your customers. Some of them will require only coins. In other cases, they would need both coins and diamonds. You also use these virtual currencies in many different aspects of the game, including when you manage your looks and wardrobe.

This is the beauty of Fashion Story – and perhaps why it appeals to fashion and non-fashion-savvy people alike. There’s no doubt it is attractive to those who love clothes as the items are on point. You can choose from a lot of designs from bags to shoes. You can purchase collections as well.

Not only that, you can also be the fashion model. You can change the way you look and your clothes once in a while.

On the other hand, it is great for those who like to crunch numbers. They can consider this game as a litmus test when it comes to how good they are when it comes to budgeting and business management.

While the game is cerebral, it doesn’t stay engaging all the time. Everything can become routine. Usually, you buy and upgrade and then watch the customers come and leave. This may bore veteran casual players. Furthermore, upgrades are hard since they can require a lot of gems. You don’t start with a lot of them, so it may force you to make an in-app purchase.

On the upside, you can meet new people online. It has a social community where you can reach out to other boutique owners and visit their store. Hopefully, you can get some ideas on how to run yours.

Fashion Story remains a virtual fashion shop simulation game, but it does borrow inspiration from the real world, and it does it excellently. This explains why it remains a wide hit despite the presence of other similar app games. But you’ll never really know it until you play it. Fashion Story Summary

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Test your skills in managing both your money and boutique.

Be your own fashion model.
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