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Big Fish 3D
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Play an amazing match 3 game, with fruits and produce from your farm.

Earn gold to purchase new things for your farm.

Use the animals on your farm for bonuses in the game.

Crop Busters is an awesome mix of a match 3 and farm management blended in a seamless and fun game. The aim of the match 3 games is to remove all of the coloured tiles from the board, but matching 3 or more of the icons together. Once all of the tiles are cleared you finish the level.

Once you complete each level you will be awarded some money, this money is used to buy items for your farm, from a chicken coop to bakery there are many buildings, animals and fun things for you to add to your farm. Every feature is fully animated, and some of the animals follow you around or do their own thing.

Some of the buildings that you buy will also provide an in game effect. They will add their own item to the game, such as the chicken coop adds eggs to the match 3 part, if you collect eggs inside of the game you unlock the chicken power, which completely removes any tile in the game.

There are 4 different bonuses in the game that you can use, each opened by adding buildings to your farm. Each building will tell you what it adds to your farm or to the game, and what the special bonus does. You can also have pets on your farm.

Within the match 3 game are special items that you can drop to the bottom, they both provide cash in different ways. The first is a gold bar, if you manage to get it to the bottom of the board, you will receive extra cash at the end of the level. The other is a red van. If you drop the van to the bottom it will ask you to fill it with items in the game, such as eggs, melons or milk. Once the van is full it will drive off and provide money at the end of the level.

As well as those there are also special combinations you can make with the items, if you match 4 in a line you will open a bomb, that blows up anything within a square. If you match 5 you will get a lightening bolt that will blow up the whole line. Matching the items in an L shape will give you a star that will blow both up, down left and right all at the same time.

When you first start a new game there may be a key icon in the board, this means that part of the board is hidden away. If you match 3 items next to the key, you will then open up the rest of the board. Some levels have more than 1 key, so opening these up is a good thing to do as soon as you can.

Crop Busters is a really beautiful game, with a fully animated farm and cute animals running around. The item match part of the game is really well crafted and the animation is very good. As you improve your farm and add new items to the game they blend seamlessly into the others. The match 3 game is really responsive, and flows very nicely.

Crop Busters is not available to play in your browser, it requires a small download. The download is easy to install, just press the button, and follow the simple instructions. Once you have the game you can play in a little window or full screen, and you can really appreciate how pretty the game is.

Although Crop Busters needs you to download it, the game really is worth the little time it takes. Its beautiful with some fun levels to play, with the addition of the van collection inside of the game its a new dimension that adds something unique and interesting. Creating your farm is rewarding through the entire game, with something new to add or unlock all the time. You wont be disappointed by Crop Busters. Crop Busters Summary

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Earn gold to purchase new things for your farm.

Use the animals on your farm for bonuses in the game.
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