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We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Castleville Legends here:

Rebuild your castle and town from the gloom.

Use heroes to find treasures and make magical items.

Sell your good for profit, or trade at sea with other players.

In Castleville Legends you are transported to a magical kingdom that has been asleep for a very long time. It is up to you to rebuild this nation, and rescue all of the heroes, and princesses from their crystal prisons.

You begin by rescuing Magnus the Wizard, he will begin to show you around your town and help you rebuild your castle. From there you can choose what buildings you have, how you run your castle and what heroes to send where.

By growing food and collecting materials you are able to create special items that you can use or sell for a profit. These items will allow you to open up new treasure troves and expand your town beyond its starting borders.

As you play you will be given a series of quests by the characters that you rescue, each of these will award you with experience, and often coins or items that you can use later on. These quests will also show you new buildings and crops that you can collect too.

Your experience will add up to your overall level, the higher your level the more buildings you can have, but also the more characters that you are able to rescue. You can also upgrade your castle and buildings too.

When you sell items you will collect coins, which are then used to make items, buildings and expand your town. As well as coins there are also crowns, these can be used to speed up quests or buildings as well as making the treasure hunts instant. Crowns can be gained from quests, when you gain a level and purchased for real money through the game.

As you begin to get more and more buildings you will develop a port that allows you to trade with other players, they do not need to be on your friends list, and you decide what you wish to trade for, and what you give in return.

The gameplay for Castleville Legends is very simple, moving around the castle is easy, and you just need to click on items, places, buildings or crops to collect them. The introduction is very straightforward and instantly takes you to the fun.

Graphically Castleville Legends is stunning, with a fabulous 3D design that just feels amazing to use and play with. Combine these stunning looks with an addictive and hugely enjoyable gameplay and you have a brilliant game for all the family to play. Castleville Legends Summary

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Castleville Legends Big Castle Sea Trading Post in Castleville Legends Castleville Legends Starting Castle Rebuild your castle and town from the gloom.

Use heroes to find treasures and make magical items.

Sell your good for profit, or trade at sea with other players.
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