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Browser Simulation 3D
Rate: 8.3 Rate 29 Votes
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Grow a small piece of land into an abundant farm.

Build silos, mills and barns to help store and upgrade your crops.

Take care of chickens, cows and sheep as well as your own pet.

Big Farm is a charming simulation game that takes you to the countryside. Here, you need to take care of a small farm that was left untended. You’ll have to sow some seeds so that they grow into crops, make poultry and cattle feed from the crops by building a mill, house your workers and keep working on your land. There’s always something to do in this farm.

When you start, you’re given enough Dollars and Gold to grow your first crops and build a few structures. You’ll need a house for your workers, a mill to process crops into animal feed and a barn where you can store and sell your harvest. All these tasks are rewarded with more Dollars and Experience points. As you level up, certain buildings, crops and other items will become available.
Crops can be planted in a Field, two units of which are already provided for you when you start the game. Click on a Field, choose the icon to Sow, pick a crop and wait for it to grow. If you don’t want to wait, you can skip the wait time by paying with Gold. Crops can also be fertilized by applying Humus, which you can make from a Composter.

If you’re not sure what to do next, you can click on the New Task icons on the left to guide you through your next task. Every task accomplished here will reward you with Dollars, XP points and sometimes even Gold Coins. Following and completing Tasks is the best way to level up while learning about the mechanics of the game.

There are many structures that you can build on your farm and each of them serves an important role. Houses are important for having workers around to help you with your tasks. Coops for chickens and a pig sty are some examples of places for farm animals. Mills produce feeds for these animals. Animal feeds are made from crops like corn and cabbages. Barns are where your produce and harvest are stored. The Barn enables the Farm Management menu and lets you sell your goods.
There are many more structures you need to build like Silos to make fertilizers and Composters to create Humus. You’ll need more room for these, so you need to buy more pieces of land to expand. Expansion lands can be bought with Dollars or Gold. Note that you can only build one structure at a time, so you have to wait for one to finish to start building another. Most structures can be upgraded to accommodate more workers, animals or harvest.

It can be lonely farming on your own, so you can engage with other players in this game. You can join a Cooperative, which are groups of players who can share resources. You can donate Dollars or Gold to a Cooperative that you’re a part of. You can also add friends, visit their farm and water their trees. Big Farm has time-limited Missions, which you can join at any time. Missions will assign you a task which you need to complete within a given time limit. You can place 3rd, 2nd or 1st in a Mission and receive Certificates and other rewards. Outside your farm, you’ll find other structures which will unlock when you reach a certain level. There’s a Library where you can learn how to grow crops faster. There’s a dock where you can trade your goods.

Graphics are archaic in this game but if you love this look which is comparable to older farming games, then it shouldn’t be an issue. While the graphics are a wee bit obsolete, the soundtrack is endlessly pleasing. You grow to like it rather than get annoyed by it.

Big Farm is truly a huge farming world which starts small. There’s always something to do, someone to play with and something to improve and upgrade. This game goes beyond building a farm and lets you explore an exciting community.
Big Farm Summary

Video - Virtual Worlds Land!

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