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Apr 7, 2015 Express Yourself in the Enticing World of IMVU 3     1 Fascinate yourself and be captivated by the endless possibilities offered by a virtual hangout place called IMVU. The virtual world is closely an online 3D social game, focusing its key strengths in socializing, dating, and avatar customizing.

It has a large library of virtual goods that are generally free of use or sold for the participating community. It is hardly a game, but is particularly dedicated on sharing the same benefits and experience provided by a real game plus the trending application of social media integration. But let us just make it simple and uncomplicate our understanding of things. So, lets just call it a game.

Starting off the bat (when you register in their site), the game will ask you to pick your very own avatar. You will be asked to choose from a wide variety of pre made avatars that are specifically categorized depending on your style or fashion sense, occasional wears, cosplays, and gender. This particular avatar can later on be further customized while inside the actual game. Completion of the registration process and verifying your e mail will benefit you with additional game credits.

As you start the game, you will be launched in a home tab, which is a simple navigating panel from which will offer several modes to choose from. If playing the game for the first time, every pertaining mode will be locked except for the Dress Up option.

This is probably suggested as a tutorial phase for the beginners. The Dress Up option will open up another tab that will load your chosen avatar. The window will be broken into two sections, one of which will portray your 3D avatar, and the other panel with the library of different customization features that you can apply in your avatar.
This includes the tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, hairstyles, eyes, head form, skin tone, pets, pre made avatars and your set of actions (emotions or dance moves).

After applying some personal touch to your character, the Shop and Credits option will be unlocked and quickly briefs you of their use. Taking a glimpse of it will reward you some quest rewards (although you did not volunteer into taking part of any quests) in the form of bonus credits. You could then use these credits to purchase more in game apparel, actions, and accessories.

After going through these somewhat initial phases of customizing and shop introduction, the Virtual Chat Room will finally be unlocked and be available for you to use.

The Chat Room is basically the main meat of the game. This will bring you to the virtual world for your avatar to meet other online players that are also playing. You will instantly find out though that there really is not much controls for you to try out in the virtual world, for it specifically provides pin point locations where you could stay and perform your emoticons and stuff. What is given instead, is an in depth control of your view to the whole scene.

As your try to meet and socialize with other people in the game, you will notice some alerting beeps while playing. These are the suggestive quests that you have probably achieved while simply interacting, adding friends, doing a particular move or stance (e.g. break dance), or simply entering a public chat room. This in return will reward you with additional credits as you meet their specific requirements. You will see this list of quest in the game by clicking on left most icon on the bottom left corner of the panel below the chat box.

Competitive gaming is also provided through its in house mini game called Walk Off, where you could enjoy the benefits of playing a simple match 3 game against another online player while actively seeing your avatar delivering corresponding dance moves over a walkalator platform every time you successfully perform a move on the game. You can wipe the floor with a random player or by a specific friend you choose to play with.

In the game, real money purchases are in the form of Premium Credits. Premium Credits can grant you specific items that are not available for purchase using the bonus credits (free credits). A VIP status can also be attained through monthly subscriptions that will allow you to perform various tasks and wear specific items that are a special privilege for the paying patrons.

The bottom line: IMVU is specifically designed to be a wholesome place for people to interact, socialize and simply have fun with. Although the reality remains (and should stand as a reminder) that the game is also open for people with offensive agenda to display some inappropriate acts and foul language. Nonetheless, the quality of graphics plus the loadsome of goodies to try in its huge library of apparels and accessories makes it undeniably a great choice to those who simply want to socialize with other people in a more expressive kind of way.
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