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NavegadorAndroidApp Store Simulador Cherrypick GamesPlinga 3D HospitalAdministración
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Cure diseases and manage your own hospital.

Develop strategies to maximize available resources.

Build relationships among characters.

Resource management games are always fun to play since they start slow but then quickly ramp up the things players have to manage. The end result is micromanaging at its finest, and the best games may not necessarily be those that always give players more than they can handle but the ones that always provide a sense of accomplishment.

My Hospital falls into the latter category. Even if there is a number of things happening all at once, the game never stops to remind you, you are performing a good job at running a hospital and curing the sick.

The name of the game clearly implies what the players will be in for, starting and managing an entire hospital, from reception to treatment, research and development, and generally making sure that patients have a good time in a hospital. After all, it is hard to be positive when you are sick. You can even name the hospital.

Players start at the reception and are then tasked to build rooms for the head doctor and for specific treatments. Treatments come in the form of elixirs that are generated from a panacea machine. Colors define what elixirs can cure, and these ailments gradually become more complicated as your level increases. You can use gems to speed the process of creating rooms and even treating a patient, but it will cost real money if you keep doing it.

Players will also be busy tapping the screen many times, as patients come in constantly, and you need to apply the correct medicine to cure them. Sometimes patients get brought in by ambulance and are admitted due to the gravity of their illnesses. For example, an itchy throat needs admittance and requires a special machine to develop the cure. These machines are available at the game’s shop, together with upgrades and even some decorations to make the hospital look more pleasant to patients.

A huge struggle of the game though is the idea of their medicine substitutes, which, while cleverly named, clearly sidestep the bigger picture of how the human body works and how they are treated.

The idea of a cure that is all generated from a single machine requires suspension of disbelief. Quite a tall order even for younger players and certainly not the idea kids might want to remember after some time with the game. Perhaps the developers are aware of this, hence, the terms such as “panacea” and “elixir,” words that belong to medicine’s past than the present.

Nevertheless, there is much more to love than be dubious about. The game’s graphics and art style do wonders to make you forget about the questionable medicine. The isometric view of the hospital provides a proper access to all areas and shows the animations of all the human sprites. The character designs are cheerful even if they are coming in with an illness. You may even build relationships with some of the characters as they come in and out of your hospital.

Eventually, before you even realize, you would have spent hours playing around and upgrading your very own hospital. My Hospital Resumen

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miércoles, octubre 4, 2017

Juego Nuevo Añadido: My Hospital

Managing My Hospital My Hospital: Collecting elixirs Treatment Rooms in My Hospital Cure diseases and manage your own hospital.

Develop strategies to maximize available resources.

Build relationships among characters.
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