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Top 10 παιχνίδια, όπως Wizard 101

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Join the Ravenwood Academy and enter a magical world full of possibility.

Enjoy fun mini games and create and look after your own wonderful pets.

Decorate your own house and create your perfect home.
10 Tropical Paradise Virtual World


ΑυτοκίνητοΓάμοςΠαραλίαΆβαταρ Are you tired of the prices, hassles, and drama, then join us in our “paradise” where everyone’s dream can come true.

Create your own perfect Tropical Island.

Your imagination is the only limitation.
8.6 Βαθμολογία
9 Touch


ΜουσικήΠάρτυΚοινωνικάΆβαταρDancing Delve into an amazing dancing experience that will test your reaction times to their limits.

Enjoy the different kinds of unique and exciting dance modes.

Customize your character to an excessive degree to make it look exactly according to your liking.
8.6 Βαθμολογία
8 Onverse


Εικόνικός ΚόσμοςΣχεδιασμός ΣπιτιούΜόδαΑυτοκίνητοΠάρτυΓάμοςΠαραλίαΆβαταρ Onverse is a Free downloaded Virtual World. Create your avatar and begin to explore a beautiful new world full of surprises and friends.

Choose your look from a huge range of options.

Kit out your wardrobe in the best and latest clothes lines.

Own your own property and vehicles.
8.8 Βαθμολογία
7 Friendbase


Εικόνικός Κόσμος Travel to different worlds and countries by attending events hosted by different nationalities.

Socialize and play games at the same time during events.

Be the top of one’s game by inviting more and more friends to join a party.
8.8 Βαθμολογία
6 SmallWorlds


Εικόνικός ΚόσμοςΆβαταρ Explore a dazzling virtual hangout place to get you interacting with other online participants.

Take on simple task or quests to get you primed for an expansive world filled with activities to do.

Get a unique look on your character with tons of stuff to purchase, mix and match, and wear.
9 Βαθμολογία
5 Pocket God

Pocket God

Εικόνικός Κόσμος Pocket God gives you the experience of being an almighty god with special powers and followers.

Explore the colorful world as you reach new islands, favor or sacrifice pygmies and unlock new cool powers and items.

Fight rival gods and see who is the mightiest god in this great game on Facebook.
9.1 Βαθμολογία
4 Kitely


ΜεταφόρτωσηΚατασκευή Explore the huge variety of virtual worlds created by people.

Create your own virtual world where you make the rules.

Create a cool looking avatar that’s just like you.
9.3 Βαθμολογία
3 Minecraft


Sandbox GameΚατασκευήΆβαταρVoxel-basedCraftingΣχεδιασμός ΣπιτιούSurvivalZombies Play Minecraft and build your own world. Create anything that your imagination comes up with, from your dream house to magical islands.

Gather materials from everything in the world.

Create items and buildings wherever you wish.

The only limit is your imagination!
9.5 Βαθμολογία
2 Synthetic World

Synthetic World

Κατασκευή Turn all your creative ideas into reality in a world where you can do just about anything.

Create unique worlds of your own to explore and visit worlds that other people have created.

Gather resources from wherever you can to help you construct amazing large scale structures.
9.7 Βαθμολογία
1 Ensemble Online

Ensemble Online

Κατασκευή Enter a never before seen world that joins together all the best aspects of sandbox, RTS and MMO games.

Create your character and customize it however you see fit with a huge variety of options to help you do so.

Make a name for yourself in the world by using the piece of land given to you and utilizing it to become a force to be reckoned with.
9.8 Βαθμολογία