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Δημοφιλέστερα Παιχνίδια Animals

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Games where you can become an animal and explore a fun world, or games where animals a large part of the story and gameplay. 10 Royal Garden

Royal Garden

AnimalsFantasy SettingΦάρμαΔιαχείριση Rescue the kingdom from the darkness.

Restore order and productivity by building houses and tending to the farm.

Reclaim more lands from the mist by harvesting light energy.
5 Έπαιξες
9 Lioden


LionsAnimals Play as a fearsome lion or lioness in this nail-biting game.

Go out in the wild to hunt prey in order to train yourself and get some necessities such as food.

Head over to the oasis to get your hands on some really rare in-game content.
5 Έπαιξες
8 Northern Saga

Northern Saga

AnimalsΚατασκευήFantasy SettingΦάρμα Set up a magical farm in the mystical northern lands in Northern Saga

Plant, water and harvest crops, collect animal produce and gather crafting materials

Create delicious food, useful tools, and other valuable goods
8 Έπαιξες
7 World of Cubes Survival Craft

World of Cubes Survival Craft

Sandbox GameCity BuildingAnimalsΚατασκευήCraftingΚοινωνικά Survive in the wild and craft weapons and armor to defend yourself in World of Cubes Survival Craft.

Play single player or enter the multiplayer world to interact with people in beautiful maps.

Create your own virtual world and invite random people to socialize.
9 Έπαιξες
6 Funky Bay

Funky Bay

AnimalsΚατασκευήΔιαχείριση ΧρόνουΦάρμαΔιαχείριση Manage your own farm, make produce and sell it to your customers in Funky Bay.

Build different shops and produce valuable eatables from raw produce.

Sell your items to your customers and trade your produce with the city to earn revenue.
10 Έπαιξες
5 My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

AnimalsZooΔιαχείριση Construct and manage your own zoo in this addictive experience filled with great fun.

Expand your zoo as you progress through the game so that you can house more fun activities for visitors.

Earn achievements along the way every time you do something noteworthy in the game to help keep you motivated.
11 Έπαιξες
4 Wauies


AnimalsΚατοικίδιαShop DesignΔιαχείριση Set up your own virtual pet store and turn it into a thriving business

Buy, breed and sell the huge variety of pets available

Decorate your pet shop and attract more customers
13 Έπαιξες
3 Zoo World 2

Zoo World 2

AnimalsZooΈκτροφή αλόγωνHorseΔιαχείριση Set up your very own world-class zoo for endangered species in Zoo World 2

Take good care of them and aid them in breeding to lift their status from the endangered zone

Place attractions and kiosks to make your zoo more appealing to customers

33 Έπαιξες
2 Mini World: Block Art

Mini World: Block Art

Sandbox GameSurvivalAnimalsCrafting Explore an epic open world in this amazing sandbox adventure Mini World: Block Art.

Craft valuable items and maintain your health to survive the longest.

Collect resources and hunt down animals to satisfy your hunger.
44 Έπαιξες
1 Animal Jam

Animal Jam

Εικόνικός ΚόσμοςMini GamesAnimalsΑσφαλή για ΠαιδιάΚατοικίδιαΕκπαιδευτικά Animal Jam is a fun animal themed virtual world brought to you by National Geographic. Create your own animal avatar and explore this wonderful educational and safe world.

Choose your first animal and customise your look.

Explore the world and play games as you go.

Create your perfect den full of cool furniture and items.
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