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Λίστα Παιχνιδιών Sansar

Περισσότερα Παιχνίδια
Blocksworld game Sinespace game Παίξε Τώρα VRChat game BlockStar Planet game SocioTown game Supersecret game Twinity game
Αρχική Παιχνίδια Sansar
Βαθμολογία: 6.4 Βαθμολογία 13 Ψήφοι
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Build your own amazing virtual world in VR and invite your friends to visit

Design and create various 3D assets that you can then sell to interested players

Venture forth to explore the many creative and exciting worlds Sansar's players have to offer

Sansar Κριτική

Video - Υπέροχοι Εικονικοί Κόσμοι!