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Top 10 Virtual Worlds Spiele

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10 My Bakery Empire

My Bakery Empire

Business/ EconomyRestaurant/ Cafe Build an enormous bakery of your own in this addicting game that doesn’t disappoint.

Help Lizzie on her quest of opening an entire chain of delightful bakeries.

Design custom orders for the customers who walk into your store for massive incentives.
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9 Chimpoo


Virtuelle WeltHausdesignKinderspieleAvatar Play Chimpoo and create your very own cute chimp as you explore a wonderful world full of games and fun.

Create your own colourful Chimpoo.

Play fun games and decorate your house.

Make friends and chat to other chimpoo’s.
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8 Weeworld


Virtuelle WeltGesellschaftAvatar Pimp yourself up with cool and fashionable gear and accessories.

Decorate your room and invite your friends over!

Create your own photos with cartoon celebs like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce!
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7 Amazing World

Amazing World

Virtuelle WeltHausdesignKinderspieleAvatar Explore wonderful places in the Amazing World!

Do exciting quests, play fun games and level up your skills.

Defeat the evil Queen Vexa and her Nix minions once and for all!
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6 School of Dragons

School Dragons

Virtuelle WeltKinderspieleAvatar With School of Dragons you are able to choose, and then train your own amazing dragon! Explore the island of Berk and play with Hiccup and Toothless.

Choose your own dragon and raise it to full size.

Complete quests and learn how to become the Ultimate Dragon Trainer.

Play with friends and even race together.
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5 Webkinz


Virtuelle WeltHausdesignKinderspielePetAvatarBildungspiele Webkinz is a fantastic and very cute world especially for children, own pets, collect toys and play fun games as you explore a wonderful place.

Decorate your room and find cool clothes.

Play games to get coins to spend on fun things.

Make friends and meet other Webkinz.
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4 Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest

Virtuelle WeltKinderspieleAvatar Unfortunately the developers of Monkey Quest have now closed the game. Please feel free to browse our selection of fantastic games for something new to play.

Play Monkey Quest and save the world! Play fun games and play with your friends as you monkey around the fantastic world of Ook.

Create your own monkey and begin your adventure.

Enjoy fun games and have your own pets.

Play with your friends as you explore the world of Ook.
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3 The Great Couturier

The Great Couturier

Fashion DesignFashionFashion Competition Become a fashion designer and lead your way to the top.

Create your own clothing line and determine your own style.

Buy or sell clothes and share them with your friends.
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2 My Shops

My Shops

Shop DesignManagement Establish your very own business empire by setting up multiple different shops in the big city.

Attract more customers by ordering products that are bought the most often.

Play with friends and help each other out in various different ways so that everyone can progress.
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1 My Horse

My Horse

Groom and care for your horse with different activities in great 3D graphics.

Train to compete in a series of challenging show jumping competitions and try to reach the championship.

Share and visit your friends and help taking care of their horses.
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