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Spiele Wie High Street 5

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Zuhause Spiele High Street 5
High Street 5 preview image
Online VirtuellMMO 3D Virtuelle WeltMusikGesellschaftWings
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Put your best finger tapping dance skills to the test.

Meet other players to compete with in couples or team mode.

Be amazed at the range of customization that you can do in this dance-based MMO.

Rhythm games have their own set of cliches and common features that its devoted fanbase are already familiar with. If you’re one of those people that love this kind of games, then you’ll definitely find yourself at home with High Street 5!

This game has everything that you love about rhythm games, and a lot more that you won’t find in any other game.

To begin with, this game seems built around the idea of socialization instead of just being a simple dance game that’s sugarcoated with three-dimensional and high-definition graphics. Yes, that central gameplay factor is still there but the game doesn’t limit yourself to that.

To put it simply, the game seems to aspire to position itself as a game that simulates everything that an avid clubber has to go through in real life. Of course, in here, the experience is enhanced by the fact that players can smash through the barriers that real-life clubbing imposes on them.

It’s almost like a dating site, as you can find plenty of other players gathering in social areas like clubs, malls, bars, and even parking lots. These are places that you can find people to challenge into a dance showdown or, as an alternative, flirt with or even become a couple.

The game has intensive features for player-to-player communications like allowing you to exchange virtual cellular phone numbers with fellow gamers that you meet in different areas of the game. As if that’s not cool enough, the game also has an in-world email feature that lets players keep in touch with one another if the two parties are beyond the coverage of the in-world telecommunications provider.

Of course, there’s the option to compete solo, with your couple, or with a team. The interface can get confusing when you first begin exploring the two other non-solo dance modes. However, when you start realizing that the grayed-out arrows are not yours to press, it becomes simpler and easier to understand.

Another feature that brings High Street 5 closer to real-world dancing is the ability to “dedicate” a song to somebody in the same room as you are. All you need to do is give the disc jockey NPC (non-playable character) a visit, and he’ll make some beats for you off a specific song for free!

Since you’re socializing, you have to look good for the part. This is another impressive feature in this virtual world sim. There are so many things that you can do here, including giving your character wings. However, male players could be disappointed by the lack of customization options that bulk up their character as the choices are more about making your characters look “cool.”

Last but not the least, the repertoire of songs is wide-ranging and includes a lot of cool and popular tracks from the West and the East. It’s actually a good venue to listen to songs from Asia, even though you may not understand the lyrics at all.

All in all, High Street 5 is a great virtual world that goes beyond the parameters of usual dance games with its free roam, customization and socialization features. It’s free to play, but it does offer in-game purchases for real cash for people who’d like to get ahead of the competition. High Street 5 Beschreibung

Video - Virtuell Worlds Land!

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Montag, Dezember 19, 2016

Neues Spiel ist hinzugefügt: High Street 5

High Street 5 Wings High Street 5 Group Dance High Street 5 Virtual Wedding Put your best finger tapping dance skills to the test.

Meet other players to compete with in couples or team mode.

Be amazed at the range of customization that you can do in this dance-based MMO.
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