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Why You Should Definitely Try Out Other Game Genres

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Yes, we know: you might only be comfortable playing games in specific genres. However, it’s best to try out other types of games to expand your horizons. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Why You Should Definitely Try Out Other Game Genres

Simulation games give us a sense of control and, in a way, let us live a virtual life with few consequences. After all, we’d like to take control and build our own city or experience the feeling of how it’s like to be a truck driver exploring the quaint country roads of Europe. Sure, there are countless simulation games options, but, as gamers, we also need to think of trying out new genres.

Why should you dive into MMOs?

MMOs are fun!

Although there are many games where you can get lost in the world or in what you’re doing alone, shared experiences are different. MMOs provide social environments where players can interact, cooperate, and even compete, providing a fun atmosphere. At the same time, if you’re playing with a group of friends, the value of the entire experience goes up a notch. Note that there are lots of both premium and F2P MMOs, like Final Fantasy XIV and famous games like Runescape, Everspace, and World of Warcraft. There are even some simulation titles that double as online MMOs, like World of Tanks and War Thunder.

Just imagine going around with your friends in a sprawling, picturesque world, fighting monsters together and exploring its wonders. In a way, this is akin to seeing the view from the summit on a mountain peak for the first time. These are fun, priceless moments you definitely would want to go through.

Horse games. Really?

Horse games provide a lot of depth

Wait, really? Are you recommending we play horse games? Shouldn’t just riding horses just stay a mainly in-game mechanic, particularly in titles like Red Dead Redemption and Bannerlord?

Even horse games aren’t exactly always on top of anyone’s list, there are a lot of titles we can consider calling hidden gems. For example, Rival Stars Horse Racing puts you in the shoes of a stable manager, while Gallantry lets you become a jouster in the medieval era. Moreover, there are numerous horse games that are great for kids. For example, Star Stable and My Little Pony franchises can get kids interested in the animals, while Horse Club Adventures provide a safe and fun age-appropriate adventure.

Casual and hidden object games

Try playing HOGs like Uncle Hank's Hidden Objects

Though you might be looking for something a little more hardcore and can make you sit down for hours, casual and hidden object games, like Uncle Hank’s Adventures, are perfect for anyone wanting to chill and kill time. Mostly available on mobile devices, we recommend having a few installed, just in case you need to wait in line at the dentist or while you’re lining up at the counter. Sure, they may have relatively straightforward gameplay elements, but you would want to try them out. For example, Dragon Kong provides a challenging yet rather casual experience.

Overall, trying out other game genres will undoubtedly give you more options on how you spend your time and open new horizons when it comes to games. Who knows, you might be missing out on a fantastic experience just because you won’t even try a new game out.

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