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Why Are Video Slot Games So Popular?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen When it comes to slot games, video slots have always won the popularity contest, hands-down. Why is that so? Virtuell Worlds Land! - Why Are Video Slot Games So Popular?

Ever since their inception in 1978, video slot games have been a massive hit among casino goers and even online players once the game made the transition from physical machines to virtual ones and is becoming more and more prevalent. Today, we’re going to do a deep dive into video slot games and find out why they are so popular.

We’ll start with the most obvious elephant in the room - Video slot games are famous for the many cool and exciting themes they feature. In addition to having oftentimes well-decorated and elaborate-looking machines, video slots provide beautiful picture symbols on the reels, which is in stark contrast to the typically basic symbols used in classic slot games like bars, bells, sevens, and fruits. So, if a player loves Conan the Barbarian, it’s not surprising for him/her to gravitate towards the Conan Video Slot as opposed to say a fruits slot machine or even a Batman-themed slot game.

Not to mention, back when Frozen was the most talked about movie of the year, video slot games that feature similar themes to the movie like the Frozen Queen Slot was played a lot more often than other types of slots. Players just love to play games that they can associate with the things they adore and this is why video slots are so much more popular than classic ones.

Conan Video Slot

Video slot games also come with lots of special features that a classic slot typically doesn’t have, like wilds, multipliers, and of course, the bonus rounds! Video slots are usually much flashier than classic games as well, especially when you do win big, making everything so much more exciting. Like a kid at the theme park for the first time, the rush of playing a video slot game and seeing the reels start to line up and form the winning payline, for instance, can be indescribable

And that brings us to our next point – video slots usually have a lot more reels and paylines as opposed to a classic slot game. More paylines usually means more chances of winning something big, but video slots are designed to have 5 reels to balance out the probability, so generally speaking, the odds of winning won’t improve if you switched from playing classic slots to video slots since they are around the same.

However, video slots will almost always feature progressive jackpots; a feature that is markedly missing from an archetypal classic slot game. This means that every time you play, the jackpot increases as long as the jackpot is not won. So, in a way, you could potentially win a lot more money by playing a video slot game but the likelihood of winning is still the same regardless of which type of slots you play.

Don’t get us wrong though! There are times when you’d prefer a round of classic slots over the much fancier video slots, but video slot games usually offer a lot more variety, whether it is the bonuses they provide or the themes featured, and hence, this type of slots will, more often than not, attract players, especially new players, by the droves.

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