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What Slots Should I Play? The Greatest Slot Machines to Play for Wins

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you're wondering which slots you should play, there are countless considerations you need to keep in mind. This article will comprehensively discuss this: Virtuell Worlds Land! - What Slots Should I Play? The Greatest Slot Machines to Play for Wins

The gambling industry never stops supplying users with innovative content. Slot machines have remained the most common type of casino game for decades. We don’t seem to imagine a modern gaming hall without these bright and exciting gaming solutions. So, let’s learn the secret of their popularity! Here, you can learn more about the best slot machines every casino visitor wants to try at least once.

Slot machines

Online Gaming Clubs vs. Land-Based Casinos

The modern online gambling market offers players thousands of colorful slots. It’s one of the reasons why passionate casino fans prefer a virtual club to a land-based casino. Such a vast number of games could never fit into one space (only a virtual one!).

Offline casinos like in Atlantic City cannot offer such a variety. But virtual establishments are truly unique! No need to run to the closest local gaming house; just choose the best platform. But even experienced players sometimes need help when selecting the best video slots. Pick the top options and be ready to beat slot machines!

Greatest Slot Machines You Shouldn’t Miss

Pay attention to products from giant software providers, considered the industry leaders. They include huge names such as Playtech, Microgaming, Play’N GO, and dozens of other slot machine companies. Moreover, find the most exciting slot machine topic. The most common options include movies, history, space, horror, and animals.

Do you still need clarification about the choice? Grab the list of top-5 bestsellers of all time with the best odds of winning:

1. Wheel of Fortune by IGT, released in 1997 (96.4% RTP, high volatility)
2. Mega Moolah by Microgaming, released in 2006 (88% RTP, low volatility)
3. Starburst by NetEnt, released in 2012 (96% RTP, low volatility)
4. Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play, released in 2019 (96.5% RTP, medium volatility)
5. Book of Dead by Play’N GO, released in 2016 (96% RTP, high volatility)

It’s worth noting that not all slot machines on the list above are new, and some of them were released over a decade ago. Novelty is not always an answer.

Why These Slots Are Worth Trying

Don’t pass by these online slot games! They are a perfect chance to enjoy the hottest bestsellers with insane cash prizes. Have you tried all of them? Look for something more innovative. But don’t forget to check the payout percentages and other features.

Several slots offer a progressive jackpot, so the chances to get cash prizes increase. Players note that these games have some kind of inexplicable magic (which can be explored not only when a slot pays out!). And it encourages them to come back again and again!

Online Slots Will Always Be in Demand, and Here’s Why

Picking the right slot machine for you can be a little tricky

Modern casino players highly appreciate gambling with many extra features. Therefore, simplicity is not the second name of slot machines.

Before, local casino fans could only take advantage of primitive gaming solutions. Yet, our time has given us the opportunity to claim a lot of benefits inside casino games. Here are some points attracting players:

- Accessibility. You shouldn’t have any special knowledge or skills to play online slot machines. Of course, every gambling game depends on luck, but some may require you to develop a strategy. So, if your goal in online gaming is to relax and have fun, simply choose casino slot games!

- Variety of gaming solutions. You can find slot machines with absolutely different themes (movies, music, the ancient world, etc.). We bet you’ll discover something exciting in all this diversity.

- Progressive jackpots, which gamblers adore. It’s a perfect opportunity to get higher cash prizes. Every spin made on the winning slot machine increases the jackpot. And any user can hit it.

Software providers constantly invent something truly innovative. Impressive graphics and soundtracks are already the basis of a new casino game. The immersive atmosphere is an additional advantage for players. Game developers are the ones to use all the latest technologies. Demo pokies are also at hand to help you play without any deposits for fun.

Types of Slot Machines You Want to Look Into

Newcomers would definitely like to learn everything about casino games! It’s not an easy task, considering the choice in today's gambling market. The classic machines imply three reels and one payline. But modern software developers have already made it a step further. Therefore, the following types are on the web:

- 3-reel games are the classic version that resembles machines in fancy offline casinos (such as Las Vegas).
- 5-reel games are in demand among players due to the wide range of features.
- 7-reel games are rare, yet they attract thousands of gamblers with high RTP
- 9-reel games are the rarest. They have unbelievably unique gameplay and often provide progressive slots jackpots.

The choice is huge! Players with any gambling level will enjoy the perfect pastime with slots. Check the collection, start with penny slots to get more experience, and have tons of fun!

How a Slot Machine Works: Explained

A slot machine is software that operates using the Random Number Generator. At first sight, slot machines seem simple. But it’s not true. Providers have to use complex mathematical schemes when developing new products. They are based on RNG, assuring the impossibility of predicting the result of a spin. A modern gambler is relatively safe from being rigged in most online casinos with a license.

Pick Only Trusted Games and Platforms

Before everything else, remember to choose products from reliable providers. Gambling legally increases the chances of winning. But unfair copies reduce them by up to 10%. The main trick (and pleasure, to be honest) of slot machines implies that gamblers can’t know what to expect after the next spin.

Check These Slots’ Features to Play With Success

Ones who come to gaming establishments for wins always try to make a win closer. Every user should consider these in-slot features. They are initially put into the software by the developer. And they directly affect the result! Let's look at the main factors that definitely should be noticed.

Return-to-Player Indicator Explained

Each game's RTP (Return-to-Player percentage) shows customers’ chances of winning. It is an important factor when understanding how slot machines work. As a rule, this indicator varies from 85% to 96%. But some featured developments can have even higher numbers.

But remember that you won’t find any online games with 100% odds of winning. It makes no sense to the developer and the online casino. The essence of gambling is taking risks, so there’s always a possibility of losing. It makes this entertainment extremely attractive for adrenaline fans.

Volatility Types for Assessing Risks

Volatility is another point to consider when you start playing slots online. This indicator is used to refer to the machine’s performance. Knowing it, users can understand how often the game gives out a winning combination. It shows the risk embedded in the game. The indicator helps players test the possible winning opportunities. It’s the best way to appropriately plan their bankrolls and bet money with the smallest losses. There are three types of slot machine volatility:

- Low volatility slots offer players frequent winnings consisting of small sums.

- High volatility slots provide huge risks and rare cash prizes. But they are an opportunity to receive a big win at slots.

- Medium volatility combines the characteristics of the two previously mentioned types. It attracts gamblers with a stable winnings frequency and great prizes.

All details about volatility and RTP can be found in the winning slot machine description. And if you haven’t found this information, launch the game in demo mode to learn everything in practice. You may see that Lady Luck is not on your side. In this case, responsible gambling requires you to stop playing games and return later.

Slot Machines’ Features Are Endless in 2023

Let’s agree: modern casino fans are spoiled with a fantastic selection of games! Today’s players can’t be satisfied with primitive, old-fashioned machines. Software developers constantly improve performance by equipping their products with additional features. Amazing graphics and great soundtracks are a must for today’s gaming solutions. The most exciting options you can meet in video slots online include the following:

- Wilds are a wide category of bonus symbols that bring players many benefits. Their main function implies a multiplier or a winning icon substitution.

- Scatter is another special symbol. Its specialization is to launch a bonus round with multipliers. The number of matching icons influences the Scatter size. But the conditions depend on the chosen slot machine.

- Bonus games imply extra free spins that are given out by the software itself, not by the casino. This feature is triggered by a winning combination and allows getting bigger prizes.

New pokies become more innovative, and you can find many exciting bonuses! Searching for a winning slot machine is easy. Just open the chosen casino website and pick the best option. Most games are mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy playing on any device.

Tricks to Win at Slot Machines When You Play Online

Thankfully, you'll have lots of options when picking slot machines to play with

Always remember that playing online slots is a risky activity. No one can guarantee a positive outcome for a player. The results are always completely random. And yes, there are no statistically working strategies on how to become a winner. However, skillful players gladly share their experience on how to win money. Learn the following tricks:

- Try the demo mode first. Most slot machines are available for free or with free spins.
- Choose a game with a higher payout percentage to boost the chances of winning at slots.
- Play slots using your knowledge of volatility to calculate the most beneficial bet size.
- Pay attention to the additional game features. Most slot providers add extra symbols, bonus rounds, and so on.

Of course, it’s not recommended to choose huge slot machine odds of winning. It especially concerns newcomers to the gambling world. There’s always a chance of losing the entire bankroll, so you should check the winning odds. Choose a penny slot machine and start your journey with the least investments!

Using casino bonuses is another chance to make your pastime beneficial. Most casinos offer their members a wide range of promotions that can be used to get more profits. Check all conditions and play slots with extra advantages from the operator.


Online slot games will never lose their popularity among gamblers. Software providers add even more interest with their innovative developments. The variety of gaming solutions is insane, and no casino floor can offer such a huge choice. Every user can find something special to have fun with! Check the collection and pick the win slots according to your preferences. Who knows, maybe it’s time to start playing right now!

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