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What are Unblocked Games and How You Can Find Some?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Unblocked games are free and accessible games kids usually play at school and are not blocked by the school admin. If you’re wondering how and where to play them, this guide is for you: Virtuell Worlds Land! - What are Unblocked Games and How You Can Find Some?

Before smartphones came into the fray, we mainly used to play games on PCs, particularly browsers. School IT administrators have permanently blocked many of the usual Flash gaming sites. After all, though their games are pretty fun, looking back, they weren’t exactly age-appropriate.

Thankfully, not all sites were blocked, as some were deemed ok. This is how unblocked games stepped into the spotlight, delivering both entertainment and an escape from boredom in school computer labs. Even with mobile phones today, they are still a fantastic option for anyone looking to have fun while killing time.

Let’s say you’re looking for unblocked games to play but don’t know where to look for them. In that case, stop the search and read our guide below.

Finding Unblocked Games

EZJO games

Your primary source for unblocked games is, of course, EZJO. Before, Flash games were the norm, and if you’re an older gamer, you have probably visited a couple of sites using this software before. The thing is, Flash is no longer supported, and since then, HTML5 has taken its place.

EZJO uses HTML5, making its games accessible to everyone regardless if they’re playing on PC or mobile. Moreover, you don’t need to download anything: you just have to connect to the internet, boot up your browser, and start playing. The website has a truckload of games and categories to choose from. For example, it has a massive selection of action-packed arcade experiences while also hosting board games like Battleship and checkers. Be sure to browse, and, who knows, you’ll find the game that will fit your fancy.

Unblocked vs Blocked

There are a number of gaming sites available online, but most of them are blocked in schools. This means that children are unable to play them on the school’s network and PCs. Some of these games and websites may include popular titles like Roblox and Minecraft and websites like Armor Games and Kongregate. Fortunately, sites like EZJO are unblocked, putting them high on the priority list.

Safe in schools and child-friendly

Kids playing games

Why are unblocked games not banned by school networks?

Well, first, there are a number of reasons why some sites are blocked. Many of them have games that aren’t age-appropriate with rather violent themes that aren’t safe for all ages. With that said, if you’re a parent, you would not want your kids to approach these games with a 10-foot pole.

There are unblocked games, particularly on sites like EZJO, thanks to the games’ high educational value and age-appropriateness. Many of these include puzzle games, board games, and even merge and match titles that anyone can dive into. Kids will be entertained and learn basic problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination while enhancing other skills.

Much like other triple-A titles, unblocked HTML5 games are incredibly fun and fulfilling and playable anywhere, even on school networks. Undoubtedly, they’re something you and your kids would want to try out. Plus, they’re easily accessible: you just need a compatible device, a browser, and an internet connection to play.

So, now that you know where to play unblocked games and why they’re so advantageous, why don’t you give them a shot on EZJO?

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