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Virtual Worlds Like Woozworld

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Loved Woozworld? Check out these three similar games too! Virtuell Worlds Land! - Virtual Worlds Like Woozworld

Virtual worlds are definitely popular nowadays. Woozworld captures the hearts of gamers all around the world because of its focus on fashion and interior designing. If you’re a creative person, then you’ll definitely love that game. However, it’s not the only entry in the genre.

If you loved Woozworld, then you’ll definitely love these three other virtual worlds that are, in a way, identical to it but with their own twists to the genre. These games are, namely, Fantage, Avataria, and Onverse.

First, we have Fantage. This is an excellent virtual world that offers you a lot of opportunities for creativity, entertainment and social interaction in one excellent package. Fantage’s allure is in the social interaction aspect of the virtual world sim. For instance, you can attend parties hosted by other players in the community. The simulator mimics real-life parties, from the preparation up until the actual party itself – players go to great lengths to give their avatars makeovers so they can be presentable when they attend the celebration.

This simulator does a good job of being an almost real-life experience. People need to earn money, and you can do that here by playing games and earning eCoins. eCoins are in-game currencies that you can use to execute certain in-game actions like getting makeovers, buying new skateboards, buying a pet, and many others.

Another game that is similar to Woozworld is Avataria. Unlike Fantage whose visuals are straight out of a fantasy story, Avataria’s open world is more similar to the world that we know. As a player, you are given your own abode that you can customize as according to your own preferences. This acts as your base, from which you will go out and explore the world of this virtual world simulator.

One thing that’s unique about Avataria is the use of energy. Every action that you take will consume energy. When your energy runs out, you won’t be able to play again while the energy bar refills. However, friends within the simulator can help you out by sending you additional energy. That’s why it’s a must that you should make friends when playing virtual worlds – they can help you out when you’re in need.

The final game on this list, Onverse, has everything that the other two virtual worlds offer its residents. There’s an open world huge enough for a lot of exploring options. There are events throughout the year that you can participate in, like Christmas, Thanksgiving and many others. You can play games, take on odd jobs and accomplish stuff so you can earn in-game currency.

While Fantage has its hoverboards as a form of transportation, Onverse equips you with what you would be on if you’re exploring the real world – a car! Yes, each player will have his or her own personal car that can be used to explore the vast world of the simulator.

These are just three of the excellent entries in the virtual world simulation genre. You can explore the entire genre and find that there are actually plenty of options to look at, so you will really find one that’s perfect for your preferences.

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