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Virtual Worlds for Teens

Diesen Artickel einschätzen While there are lots of children’s virtual worlds, as well as the more adult themed ones this article will focus on those dedicated to teenagers. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Virtual Worlds for Teens

There are many different virtual world games available these days, and many of them are now specifically designed to be played by the ever growing number of teenagers that want to meet, socialise and hang out with young adults from all over the world.

This has lead to a large range of worlds that are fun to play, with interests for teenagers as well as environments that stay safe but remain great places to hang out. Often they have games and objectives with rewards or currency that can be spent on clothes, houses and much more.

These games are built into the world, and you can go and play these games while still being online and able to chat with your friends and make new ones. There are some games that run on a specific theme, while others are more general but have lots to keep players entertained.

These games provide a great place to be seen and meet new people, as well as provide educational value or a good place to learn social interaction. Some of them are aimed at younger teenagers, or tweens, and are specifically designed to be safe places to meet while still retaining the fun elements.

While there are many different games available, here are a few examples of games for teens and tweens.

WoozWorld is a browser game that gives you a place to call your own and decorate, as well as message boards, fun games and shops that have the latest and trendiest fashions. With your own dedicated page you can update your info, keep track of your friends and even show off your home to other players.

In Movie Star Planet you are transported to a world full of spotlights and movie magic. Here you are able to set trends and gain fame points taking you to the very top of the class. With some fantastic outfits, gun games and competitions and a dedicated fan base there is lots to do in this fun virtual world.

Super Secret gives you your own penthouse and from there you can fill your wardrobe with some of the best clothes and looks you can find. There are events and games where you can earn money to spend. There are some great places to hang out from great cafes to a dance club with a weekly dance off competition.

While Herotopia is aimed at tweens, those that are older can also find this game a lot of fun. You get to be a superhero saving the world from the Bully Bunch, along the way you get to play fun games, complete daily quests and meet other superheroes.

Finally we will take a look at ourWorld, one of the oldest and most established of the social games. Here you can choose from hundreds of games to play and hang out with friends. Pick your style and look as you go out and meet loads of new and cool people.

These are just a few examples of the available places for teens and tweens to meet people. Many of these have areas dedicated to specific interests, from movies to music, books and even talking about homework, though mostly it’s all about having fun.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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