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Virtual Pet Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Virtual Pet Games have always remained popular due to their addictive nature. Players are intrigued by the concept of having their own virtual pet and raising it like they would a real one. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Virtual Pet Games

Virtual pet games aren’t however just limited to doing normal everyday tasks with your pets as a lot of them allow you to perform some rather unique things such as entering your virtual pet into competitions or even teaching them some unique and magical skills.

Going into a bit more detail, let’s discuss what makes these pet games so addicting and enjoyable. The first and foremost is probably being able to choose from such a huge variety of pets. You can own a cat, dog, horse or in some games you can even own virtual dragons as your pets which is quite hard to say no to. Of course then you get the option of customizing these pets as you want. Buy cool apparel for and accessories for your pets to make sure that they stand out high above the rest of the crowd.

Moving on, what’s a pet game without any competition involved in it. Nearly all virtual pet games have some forms of contests or events that your pets can participate in to show off their skills. Some contests are to display their beauty while others all their talents to shine. In some cases there are even dueling contests where the strongest of them all comes on top.

The following Virtual Pet Games really caught our eye due to how much fun they are and all the unique features they have. Each of these games holds a special something that make them enjoyable to play.

Petra's Planet

Petra’s Planet's greatness comes from all the exploration you can do and all the mini-games you can play on your journey. Invite your friends along to play some fun card games with you or take your pets out to explore the giant and wonderful world filled with surprises.


In the world of Neopets, you don’t just raise an ordinary pet but instead you choose from all the unique kinds of pre-historic dragon-esque pets. You get to raise them, build a house solely for your pet and if you feel up to it you can even take them into some PvP matches against the pets of other players.

Second Life

In the world of Second Life, you’re able to raise a pet just as you would raise a pet in real life. You have to feed your pet on time, keep it clean and play with it frequently so it doesn’t become saddened. This is also one of the few games that let you have your very own horse as a pet and there’s no doubting that you can take your horse out to do a lot of fun things like exploring the beautiful world or participating in show jumping competitions.

Mara Pets

Mara Pets is a game that doesn’t restrict you into raising only one pet but instead you can have up to 13 at a single time. The game has all the fun pet activities like mini-games and exploring but perhaps the most fun you’ll have in this game is when you battle other pets in really fun duels after you’ve taught your pets some cool magical abilities.

Happy Pets

Happy Pets gives you access to a wide variety of different kinds of animals. Whether you’re interested in small pets like hamsters or if you’re interested in something a bit bigger like dogs, Happy Pets has you covered. It’s also worth pointing out that all of the pets in this game look incredibly cute. Build a house for your pet, take them to the park to hang out with the pets of others and pay visits to your friends.

With the ability to own a very cute pet, without all of the downsides there is a huge appeal in Virtual Pet Games, and it is easy to see why. While there are many pet games around, each of these is one that we really enjoyed, for different reasons. Give them a try, and see what you think.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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