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Virtual Girl Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are a lot of different virtual games around, but what are they and how many of them are especially for girls? Virtuell Worlds Land! - Virtual Girl Games

Virtual games are becoming ever more popular, but what are they you may ask yourself? In one of these games a special world is created, either like the real one or a unique setting that lots of players can all be in at the same time. There are a couple of main styles, the Simulation Games and the Full Virtual Games.

In a simulation-style, you are able to do a lot of activities from a more management view. Good examples of this style of game are Farm and Fashion games. You can overlook lots of different things, and create large spaces for shops or crops and you can often share these with other players, ask them for help and get help in return.

Some of the best games of this style that we have are things like My Sunny Resort where you create a 5-star chalet complex for guests or Howrse where you get to look after a stable full of your own horses. Both of these games are brilliant to play but they have a different feel when you are in them. In the resort game, you look down from the top, manage your staff, and create chalets full of items you buy. You can see everything all at the same time and you are always looking at the shops or island.

In the horse game, most of it is text-based, with some images of horses and the facilities you manage. With a different appearance, it may seem like the game is not as good, but there is a huge community of players here that are really helpful and some of the horses look amazing. Mix this in with so many different activities and a lot of stuff to do it makes for a great game.

The Full Virtual Worlds are the other end of the spectrum, in these games, you create yourself a character or Avatar and move this around a 3D world, often very similar to the real one or sometimes a fantastical one full of magical things and places.

In these worlds, you can build and create anything that you want to, from a cool outfit to a mansion and yacht to spend time in. Here you can also just explore the world and see what others have made, and in Second Life you can even go to concerts by real bands and attend lectures from university professors.

Whereas in IMVU you are given your own personal space to customize and create anything you want, many of these islands are open for you to visit and there are nightclubs, beaches, and entire cities for you to look around and meet new friends in.

While none of these worlds has been specifically created with you in mind, they have so many options and so many fun things to do it really is worth taking a look and seeing for yourself. Take a spin in a virtual game, you will really enjoy it.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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