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Virtual Games that are Like Real Life

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Virtual Games are incredibly enjoyable because they allow you to do the things you want to do in real life and offer you the freedom to be whatever you wish to be. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Virtual Games that are Like Real Life

There are a lot of virtual games out there nowadays and they all offer a lot of fun things to do. While there are unique aspects about each virtual world game, the main thing they emphasize on is trying to mimic reality within a game to provide players the most immersive experience they can hope for. This is generally done by copying everyday tasks that people do and then implementing those tasks within the game in the most realistic way possible.

There are lots of different kinds of Virtual World games each with unique features of their own but the following games are at the top of our list of Virtual World games to play because of the accuracy they depict our real life with and how many different things they have to offer

Second Life
As the name already implies, this game is pretty much your alternate life. Build a character of your own and set yourself loose in the enormous world filled with all sorts of activities to do. Go to a club, party with your friends or simply take some time of your own to relax if you don’t feel like going out. If all these things don’t seem appealing enough then you can even develop some content of your own if you’d like to.

IMVU is a game that offers players an immense amount of freedom. Build up an avatar of your own, customize it according to your likings and head out into the beautiful world. Aside from all the regular features, IMVU has perhaps one of the most in-depth customization features available so you can make your character look exactly how you want as you will be able to edit even the tiniest of details.

Blue Mars
Blue Mars is one of the few games where you can truly let your creativity loose. With one of the most detailed and in-depth structure creation out there, you can basically craft entire cities of your own that are tailored to perfection and have your own unique touch. Design whatever you want and if you’re done building for the day, you can visit what others have built up.

Virtual Highway
Simply put, Virtual Highway allows you to be whatever you want. There are no restrictions at all, live out your virtual life whatever way you want it without any rules hindering your experience. Join different kinds of clubs or buy a piece of land to build your house on, setup a shop of your own to display your crafting skills to the world.

Twinty is the perfect example of a Virtual World game executed with near perfection. The game has everything you’d expect from a top notch game such as vast customization options, the ability to socialize with anyone around you and a massive world to explore.

Other than providing players with a fine Virtual World experience, the best thing about Onverse is that it is the only game that allows you to own vehicles. Aside from doing some really cool things like owning islands of your own, going to clubs and customizing your character as you please you will be able to own a variety of exotic vehicles.

The above Virtual Worlds were all really fun to play and provided us with long hours of enjoyment. There are so many amazing things for you to be to do in them. You should definitely give them a try as they’re all really great places to be, and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we did.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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