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Top Three Upjers Management Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Upjers have developed a few impressive management games. Here are three of the best games. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Top Three Upjers Management Games

Upjers is a German company that specializes in producing games intended to be played in browsers. They have a wide range of games developed already, and across different genres.

One of the niches that they specialize is in the management game, or a game that challenges one’s skills in managing a property like a zoo, a circus, a resort or an airport, among others. Well, here are some of the top management games that Upjers has developed and released to the market.

First on the list is My Sunny Resort, a resort management game. You take on the role of a top-level manager for a resort located in an exotic island. As a manager, your first job is to take care of your guests and make sure that they have everything that they require from you during their stay in your resort. Tasks include setting up accommodation like bungalows, and putting up amenities like an open-air disco, a swimming pool, a souvenir shop, a snack and a restaurant, among others.

You’ll also be managing employees and training them so that they can do their jobs better. You can also hire employees on a temporary capacity, and you can let them go once their contract has expired.

Another successful Upjers management game is My Free Zoo. The gameplay is nearly similar to My Sunny Resort but, this time, you are managing a zoo instead of a beach resort.

As a zoo manager, you will be responsible for raising and managing a zoo that is directed by a man named Welmington. This means that, for starters, you will be responsible for creating the attractions that will make money for the zoo. How do you do that? You are going to put in animals, of course. Once you have those animals in your zoo, it will then be your responsibility to take good care of them by feeding them, providing them with water and building enclosures for their protection and safety.

People will eventually go to the zoo to view your attractions, and the zoo will slowly gain money. What do you then do to maintain that momentum and grow your zoo to be a successful and lucrative establishment? That’s your job in My Free Zoo.

Last but not the least is My Fantastic Park.

Have you always wanted to find out what goes behind managing an amusement park? This game will be your chance to learn more about that project!

Just like the two games previously discussed, My Fantastic Park requires you to raise money and keep an amusement park going. You’ll start with only a few attractions that, understandably, will only earn you a relatively low income. The challenge for you then is how you use the money and manage the cash flow so that you are able to invest in more amusement park attractions while keeping the money coming.

These three games all have but one common feature – they all let you learn how to manage money and achieve positive cash flows so that the business grows exponentially at less time as possible.

Check out these three Upjers management games and see for yourself what they have in store for you.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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