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Top 3 Chef Themed Time Management Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen The time management genre is, without a doubt, one of the best genres there are in the gaming industry. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Top 3 Chef Themed Time Management Games

The time management genre is, without a doubt, one of the best genres there are in the gaming industry.

This is because the genre appeals to a very broad audience. It can satisfy the tastes of a casual gamer who is simply looking for a thrill. Time management games can also double as a distraction from your usual Hidden Object game without taking away the challenge.

There are so many reasons why you should give time management games a try, but that’s something we can talk about in a separate article. For now, let’s talk about what time management games you should be playing.

Of course, there’s no doubt about the fact that chef-themed time management games are ideal especially for beginners who are just discovering the world of managing their time in a specific game’s levels.

To begin, we’ll show you our top three time management games that puts you in the shoes of a fledgling chef working in a new restaurant.

We’ll start with Happy Chef 2. This game is best for those who are just getting into the hang of playing a time management game. This is because it offers a “Relaxed” mode of gameplay. By playing Relaxed Mode, gamers allow themselves to acclimate to the rhythm of time management games. This is all thanks to the slower moving time gauge in this difficulty setting.

This is but a way to break themselves in to time management, in other words. Once they got the rhythm down to pat, they can then take a shot at the faster pace of normal mode.

Your goals here are simple to understand, but challenging to achieve - you have customers coming in periodically with orders. You’ll have to prepare these orders as fast as you can! Each customer only has a limited amount of patience for you, and will leave if you’re too slow. That’s lost income for your restaurant, so you don’t want that.

Another time management game that offers a unique package to the player is Pizza Chef 2. The goals are still the same - you have to serve your customers’ orders. However, what’s unique about this game is you simply drag the dish to a game board that’s similar to the one used in Match 3 games.

You’ll have to maximize the space available so you can serve more customers at any given time. On top of this, you have to keep track of time and incoming orders!

Both Happy Chef 2 and Pizza Chef 2 can be tried for free, and for 60 minutes only, through Big Fish’s Game Manager app.

Now, our last game is playable for free on Facebook, so you need not worry about time limits in here. This game is Burger Chef.

Burger Chef retains the same mechanics as the first two games, but adds its own twist. When you satisfy your orders, you’ll also have to keep another eye out for the thief. He’s too quick, and he will grab those coins that your customers have paid you if you’re not quicker than he is.

It may have simple graphics and gameplay, but Burger Chef can hold its own in terms of giving challenges to its players!

These three games should set you up well for your first experience in time management games. Give one or even all of them a try now!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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