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The Future of IMVU

Diesen Artickel einschätzen When you take a look at this amazing game you can see just how brilliant it is, but the future is arriving fast and there are some truly great changes on coming. Virtuell Worlds Land! - The Future of IMVU

IMVU is one of the biggest virtual worlds around, and for a good reason with its estimated 140 million users all enjoying a place full of amazing graphics, social interaction and over 20 million user made items to boot.

And while those numbers are impressive the world of online gaming is changing, and many developers are finding new and innovative ways to keep up, or in some cases lead the way into the future with some pretty interesting new ideas and technologies that make this world an exciting place to be.

With so many users, it is no surprise that some of them have sat down and used their own talents to create a vast range of items, avatars and outfits to sell and use in this game. This side of the technology is always advancing, giving players more and more developmental and design options.

Recently the team behind this game also joined forces with the Unity engine to create a place where anyone can use items and avatars from IMVU and put them into a Unity game they develop. What this means is you can make your own game, about anything and use the textures and look that is so iconic, and simply gorgeous to flesh out your ideas. While still in the testing phases this is a brilliant piece of software that creates a very powerful development tool for anyone to use.

And then on top of that is the anticipated arrival of virtual reality for everyone, with Oculus being just one example of the many in development. The option to take the game out of your computer and into a stunning reality headset is one that will change gaming, and this game forever.

Add these two technologies together and suddenly you can make an app, or sell a product in the game or even make a brand new game that interfaces directly into virtual reality and reaches out to over 140 million other people. That is simply astounding and it is just the beginning of what can happen.

As the current technology in design and graphics advances so do the textures and modeling used in the game you all love today. Ever pushing for a more realistic look, or the option to be pure fantasy and still look great the creators are making a product to last.

When you add in the rise of mobile devices, social media and the option of seamless integration of these options you give rise to an exciting time ahead. Connecting to this stunning virtual world whenever, wherever you want and enjoying something that looks so great, with so many new options to make anything you want as well as design a game to play at the same time is mind blowing.

And who knows what is around the corner, after we are all enjoying virtual reality in our own homes, what is next? Will this be the peak or will human ingenuity and technology just keep on going. We don’t know the answer to that, but we are really looking forward to finding out!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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