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The Best Zoo Simulation Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Give these three zoo management simulators a try! Virtuell Worlds Land! - The Best Zoo Simulation Games

With virtual world simulators, you can do almost anything. These include tasks that you normally cannot handle by yourself in real life. With virtual world sims, however, you have the capability of finding out for yourself the actual experience of managing something that you might have little to no chance of doing at all in real life.

These tasks include managing an entire zoo! Unless you’re really experienced and you have a degree or something in theme park management, it’s nearly impossible for you to experience this. With virtual world simulators, however, you have a chance to safely manage a zoo without any danger at all to the zoo’s finances or your own reputation.

For starters, here are three zoo simulators you might want to check out.

My Free Zoo launches you right into the experience of being a zoo manager by giving you a nearly Herculean task! The zoo is about to be shut down, and it is within your hands to save it! As with any business, the best way to solve this dilemma is to generate a lot of revenue for the zoo in as quick a time as possible. In real life, that is very difficult to do but, in a virtual world, that’s something that you’ll be doing easily thanks to tutorials. The tutorial phase teaches you the basics of the game and, in My Free Zoo, it ends with you successfully stabilizing the zoo’s finances and stopping its closure.

The rest is history. You’ll have to collect income from the food stands and animal displays periodically, and use that accumulated game to make investments that will help the zoo grow significantly. You can new concessionaires, new animals and others.

While the core of the gameplay remains the same in Zoo World 2, the storyline is not. In this game, it is your task to save not only the zoo, but to populate it with endangered species as a bid to keep these animals from going extinct. This one’s socially relevant but, of course, that’s a different story.

One interesting aspect to Zoo World 2 is that you must create habitats for your animals before you can take them in to the zoo. This means that you have to set the terrain up for it to be conducive towards taking care of each of the individual species.

Collecting income and taking care of the animals are, of course, tasks that are inherent to zoo simulators. In Zoo World 2, however, you also get to play mini games like quizzes on the endangered species and a game of Pachinko.

As for Zoo Mumba, in addition to collect income and populating the zoo with animals to earn more in-game cash, you’ll have to raise your zoo’s approval rating. This can be done by picking up trash that visitors leave behind. A high approval rating will mean more visitors visiting your establishment, and more income for your fledgling zoo.

You’ll love the variety of animals in Zoo Mumba – you can breed and take care of both domestic animals, and exotic breeds.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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