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The Appeal of Virtual Worlds

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are many Virtual Worlds available to play all around the world, and there are more and more people joining them. This article will cover some of the reasons why these worlds are proving so popular. Virtuell Worlds Land! - The Appeal of Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds are a series of games or computer generated environments that either mimic real life, or create an entire new one to explore, play in and manage in some way. It may sound slightly odd when put like that but some of the worlds that have been created draw in millions of people, and are incredibly fun and engaging.

There are many different versions of virtual worlds out there, but they all have one thing in common, the ability to create a space inside of a world that is entirely yours, from decorating a house to managing a business. There are many different options available and in almost every case you are building, decorating or creating something unique to you.

Some of the bigger names around include IMVU, Second Life, Wooz World and YoVille. Each of these worlds is entirely unique with its own setting, creation process and design. And yet they all fit into the theme of a virtual world, this article will attempt to explain why these and many other virtual worlds are so popular.

Perhaps the biggest draw of a virtual world is the pure escapism that they can provide for a player. Inside of a game such as IMVU, you control everything in your personal space and environment, and you can be anything or anyone that you want to be. You choose your look, your features, from simple things like hair colour, all the way to the shape of your body and colour of your eyes.

But these worlds go much deeper, mimicking real life in so many ways, with jobs to do, shopping, social activities and vacation’s to be had. In a virtual world you can go see your friend’s new villa in the Bahama’s and then pop to your own flat in Paris for a quiet night in, live the jet set life without the flight time.

These worlds also provide you with the opportunity to create something truly unique to you, whether it’s a cool outfit all the way up to running a multi-national business. You often have a living space, or several that you completely furnish and decorate, with the option to change the whole space on a whim, and re-decorate in minutes.

There is also a more fantastical side to these worlds, your avatar, the person you are in these environments can be anything, a superhero, or a villain an angel or a demon. They give you the opportunity to explore things you can’t do in the real world like being a vampire. This part of the experience is hugely popular, bringing out the darker side of your personality inside of a virtual world.

Once you have your look, and personal space set up the way you want, it’s time to go out, be social and show off what you have. All of these worlds are interactive and give you the opportunity to meet up with friends, or make new ones. There are parties, nightclubs and cafes run throughout the games, often by other players that give you an opportunity to meet new people.

Second Life in particular has a huge community and many players from all over the world have met and formed friendships, even relationships in these virtual worlds. There are people who have met and married in Second Life, and yet never met face to face in the real world. But then there are married couples in the real world that met inside of a virtual one.

There is also the story of a couple who married in the game Second Life, and then the man found his in game wife having an affair, and he sued her, in the real world for half of her virtual fortune, claiming that the marriage in Second Life was as real as one would have been outside of it. Although this is an extreme case, it shows the passion and depth of feeling for these games.

It shows that people can and do make real connections and feel that what they do in these virtual worlds counts for something, and that it has an impact. The connections you make can have a huge lasting positive effect, and leave you feeling great. The ability to go to a party and come out making friends is amazing, and you can do all of this and much more in a virtual world.

Some Worlds also give you the opportunity to create a business, you can run a clothes store, sell new property or run the hottest club in town. And all of these businesses and many more do run, and they make a real world profit in the process. Players are always looking for the hottest outfits, newest cars and they can all be provided for you, for the right price. This price can be the virtual currencies or as is more often becoming the case, for real money from another player of the game.

Virtual Worlds are becoming ever more popular, with more and more people joining them, although they mimic the real world in some ways, the fantasy element, coupled with just the pure amount of fun available to you all over the world makes these worlds hugely appealing. You can be whoever and whatever you want to be and go and do whatever you want to. The option to do all that, to step into any role you choose is amazing and a wonderful feeling.

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