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Popular Destinations in Second Life

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Second Life is beloved by its residents, due in part to these five great destinations. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Popular Destinations in Second Life

Every virtual world has its own set of attractions and features to bring to the table. Second Life is no exception; in fact, it has some of the best in the list!

Without further adieu, here are five of the best locations in Second Life.

First, we have Dublin. The capital city of Ireland has its own virtual counterpart in the virtual world, and it’s no wonder that the city has been voted as one of the most popular destinations to visit in Second Life. The digital city is, at its core, a near faithful reconstruction of the actual Dublin: you can find everything that makes the city popular amongst tourists and loved by the locals – Irish pubs and bars, local hospitality and some of the best examples of architecture across the English Channel.

If you’re the type that likes a little more rustic attractions, then you’d definitely want to add The Barn at Two Moon Paradise to your list of Second Life destinations to visit while you’re maintaining an avatar in the virtual world. The Barn recreates everything that people love about autumn in real life. The Barn hosts live music performances (by virtual artists, of course), and lets you ride a virtual horse around town. Meet and socialize fellow virtual world enthusiasts and just have a good time at the Barn.

After a truly relaxing visit to the Barn, maybe you’d like to have something a little more energetic. The virtual world has two places in store for you.

First, we have the Big Daddy’s 80s Club. If you’ve grown up in the 1980s and you’d like to feel once again, even in a virtual world, what it was like during the days of your youth, then you definitely should steer your avatar over to this club. This destination is devoted to everything about the eighties. This includes the music; bask once more in the music of your youth with an endless collection of songs from that decade courtesy of the resident (virtual) Disk Jockey!

For a more comprehensive musical experience, head on over to the BittR.end discotheque. In here, you’ll find the resident disk jockey shelling out different kinds of music. Contemporary music makes a presence, but the repertoire is also completed by alternative and hard rock, and a smattering of industrial and electronic music. For someone who appreciates all genres of music, this discotheque is a God’s send!

Last but not the least is the Basilisque, a recreation of a northern Italian harbor town that’s complete with cafes, bars and boating. For a Mediterranean immersion, be sure to check this place out next time you log in to Second Life!

These are five of the best places to drop by and have a chat with your fellow virtual world players. Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the virtual world has in store for you. There’s a world that’s waiting for you to explore in Second Life, so come and set up an account at the virtual world now. It’s free!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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