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Popular Chat Hotspots in Second Life

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Hang out with your friends in Second Life in these popular chat hotspots! Virtuell Worlds Land! - Popular Chat Hotspots in Second Life

With massive up rise in the fields of IT, communications and software development, the world we see today is quite different from what it used to be even a decade or so ago. There are two realities in the world now. The immediate environment or the real world and the digital world. Somebody may be a Criminal Lawyer in the real world and be a hard core anime and manga fan in the digital world. It has opened scope for vast development and opportunities for people around the world to learn, connect and grow.

Social media and other applications have made communication a piece of cake and one could talk to a relative sitting in Yokohama from upstate New York. Several platforms have come up on which virtual realities are being created. With time, the digital world is getting closer and closer to the real world.

In June, 2003 Linden Lab came up with an online virtual world called the Second Life. This is not a game per se. It is more of an open world interactive platform where the users are allowed to create their own physical form called avatars and interact with other avatars, places and objects. The user is allowed to explore the world, undertake various activities very similar to everyday life like build, color, shop, trade and other activities. The Second Life users are called Residents and the currency in this virtual reality is Linden Dollar.

This virtual world game has a set of hotspots which help users to meet and interact with other Second Life residents in various places around the world. These in-game applications allow the users to text; send photos or video chat with other users. Here is a list of some of the well-known Second Life hotspots.

#1: BittR.end

This hotspot was developed in 2010 and it is one of the most popular hotspots out there. It has a very energetic ambiance with live DJs playing the best mixes of rock, jazz and other genres. There are dancers and singers who help in steady flow of conversation and trivia. This is one of the music hotspots in the Second Life virtual World. You could meet new avatars and interact with them in this particular platform.

Ahern in Second Life

#2: Ahern

This was launched in 2003 along with Morris. This is the main welcome area for new residents in the Second Life World. Residents would arrive at the telehub pads in Ahern and are taken forward by a boardwalk leading to Morris, with various informational kiosks along the way to familiarize the new residents with the Second Life norms. There are two mean recreational hubs in Ahern. First is the lake where the residents can go boating and canoeing. The second is the shooting gallery. In short, this is the starting point of the resident’s Second Life.

#3: The Virtual Chelsea Hotel

Now who hasn’t heard of the heritage Hotel Chelsea at 222 West 23rd Street in New York City? This is one of the oldest; most sought after and esteemed hotels in NYC. Everybody plans on spending a bohemian weekend at this luxurious infrastructure. Well, even if one is unable to actually go up to this place and stay there in person, the digital realm of Second Life has made it possible for residents to visit and reside in The Virtual Chelsea Hotel.

The Virtual Chelsea hotel is a digital presentation of the actual Hotel Chelsea of NYC. The residents can meet other residents amidst all the live music and DJ events. Other than that there are 25 art galleries located inside the hotel. The community is very friendly and the resident is allowed to rent out a room or an apartment and reside their Chelsea Bohemian Dreams.

Rocket city in Second Life

#4: Rocket City

Rocket City is a fun and friendly furry community. The place is beautiful with woods and islands and friendly avatars. Residents can hang out and relieve their stress by spending some quality time in Rocket City. Other than the community hubs where people can relax and have fun, there are regular weekly events and activities that would help users unwind. Rocket City is also home to a large Dealer's Den that specializes in selling furry avatars.

Whether you’re a furry or not, Rocket City welcomes you with open arms.

#5: London Mayfair Hub

Mayfair is an exclusive locality situated towards the west end of London, in the City of Westminster. It is one of the most prestigious and high status places in the World Today. Second Life has come up with almost an exact replica of Mayfair in their London Mayfair Hub hotspot. There are many recognizable streets and landmarks for residents around the world to visit this place and make new friends. There is a full team of greeters and well-wishers in the hub area to make the welcome to new residents and lot warmer.

So whether you’re new to Second Life or you’ve been a resident for quite a while now, these are some of the hotspots you ought to visit if you haven’t done so already

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