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New Features We Want in Fantage

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Although Fantage is definitely a great game, like every other game, there are some room for improvement. Here are some additions that we think Fantage should have! Virtuell Worlds Land! - New Features We Want in Fantage

Fantage has hit it big as of December last year. The game’s website has announced that it now has over 30 million users populating the game’s servers. That number speaks a lot for the game’s appeal to its target audience, which are mostly children.

Of course, no game is perfect. While the virtual simulator has apparently done a good job given its apparent success, there are a few things that would definitely be welcome when it comes to playing Fantage.

Since the game attracts a lot of players, one can find, at any given time of the day, that there are just too many people gathering in the game’s common areas. When there are too many people walking around, you could find your avatar lost among the clutter! If the developers can find a way to get around this, like introducing a pointer on top of your avatar just to let you know where it is, or even come up with low-res three-dimensional graphics, then that will definitely be much appreciated by the gamers.

A few more mobile apps should be great as well. According to Fantage’s official website, there are only 7 mobile apps that are available in the App Store for Android devices. A few more fishing games, for instance, would give players more choices instead of just the single entry in that category, the Fantage FishFish game. Not that it’s a bad game, but a few more choices will keep one from being bored playing with only a single fishing game in the virtual world.

Other virtual games actually have the capability to allow players to organize tutorials and even college-degree classes. While Fantage does have a few educational games, the only thing it has that can bring together people is the birthday party function. Players can host parties and invite other people to join and socialize. They can give away freebies, but there apparently is no function for the hosts to organize a tutorial of some sorts to help people out with their school lessons.

The closest thing the virtual world sim has for this is the chat function. However, Fantage players could argue that they are there to socialize and have fun. School is something that children will not want to intrude into their leisure time, after all.

Aside from these, there’s nothing more one can ask from a children-oriented world sim like Fantage. There are various mini games that players can splurge in for them to win in-game coins. These coins can be used to purchase pets, make their avatars over, upgrade their float boards, decorate their houses and many others. In other words, there’s plenty for Fantagians (as players of the world sim are called) to go around from this kid-oriented virtual world.

Anyone looking for a fresh change of pace might want to give Fantage a try. It’s not for the hard-core player, but anyone who wants to experience a virtual world that’s known for its simplicity but engaging gameplay are definitely welcome to become a Fantagian.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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