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Introducing Monstera Games: Creators of Your Favorite H5 Casual Games

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Monstera Games is an indie game studio specializing in the creation of H5 casual games. Let’s talk about the studio and see what it has to offer: Virtuell Worlds Land! - Introducing Monstera Games: Creators of Your Favorite H5 Casual Games

One of the best things about game development today is anyone can learn the craft and bring their ideas to life.

This brings us to Monstera Games, an indie game studio specializing in H5 (HTML5) games that you can play on your browser. The company seeks to improve and redefine the H5 experience by delivering outstanding games anyone can play. Although mobile is king today, casual games were mainly played on internet browsers.

There is a lot to look forward to in the future of browser games, and Monstera Games has the potential to be at the forefront. With that said, let’s take a good look at what the studio brings. After all, you might have already played and enjoyed the games they’ve brought to the table.

Monstera Games: An Overview

Monstera Games titles

Monstera Games is a relatively young studio; founded in 2021 and owned by its parent company, PiKoYa, which is based in Israel.

In an interview with WWGDB, the team is composed of nine members composed of game developers, artists, project managers, and interns who entered PiKoYa’s internship program. Though they all have different backgrounds and proficiencies, they're all passionate about one thing: games.

Titles created by Monster Games you can play today

Examples of Monster Games' creations

Primarily, Monstera Games develops games geared towards a casual audience, and they can be played through various channels. The titles may not be as massive as triple-A titles developed by hundreds of developers, but they deliver experiences that all games should: fun and entertaining, while prioritizing a positive user experience!

The company’s most popular game to date is Hidden Objects - Uncle Hank’s Adventures which can be played on Google Play and Facebook. In a nutshell, it is a hidden object game following the wacky and funny adventures of an old farmer.

Apart from this, the studio’s résumé also includes tile games like Wild Forest Mahjong and Solitaire Mahjong, as well as Christmas Crush and Epic Valentine’s Story.

Looking to the future and the steady rise of casual games

Monstera Games' developers

No one can deny the popularity of casual games today, and Monstera Games looks to capitalize on the demand. Of course, the studio isn’t exempted from pain points involved in the game development process, including bugs, QA aspects, and the long and arduous process of creating assets and performing research.

Apart from fun hidden objects games like Uncle Hank, the studio is looking forward to tapping on other niches, including sports and platformers. Lots of people would want to dive into a free and accessible football or basketball game or challenge themselves with a fast-paced platformer. In addition, the studio is also in the process of creating a bigger game, but we’ll have to wait and see for updates!

Overall, there’s a lot to be optimistic about in the future of casual browser games. Studios like Monstera Games will continue to churn out top-notch titles aimed towards players looking for a chill gaming experience.

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