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How to be a Celebrity in Virtual Worlds?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Here's how you can become famous in virtual worlds like Second Life. Virtuell Worlds Land! - How to be a Celebrity in Virtual Worlds?

When you join a virtual world’s community, you are basically making an extension of your own life to the virtual world. The difference between real life and the virtual community, however, is that you can be anything that you want.

Not even the sky is enough of a limit to define the amount of freedom you can enjoy in a virtual world! Your imagination, boundless as it is, is the defining factor to your freedom and creativity in virtual worlds like Second Life.

You want to be a celebrity? That’s not a problem, nor is it impossible, in virtual worlds. Here are some ways through you can become a celebrity in your own right in the many virtual worlds out in the Internet.

First, build a community of your own. To build a community, you must make a lot of friends. Once you’ve got a lot of friends in your list, you can create an exclusive room for you and your newfound acquaintances. Now, communities are made up of people with mutual interests or those that are like-minded, so you’ll have to come up with something that could attract the attention of your friends.

Once you’ve got a community, put your leadership skills at work! Don’t just build a community and expect it to grow on its own. You have, at this point, to be very visible to the people in your group. Organize parties every once in a while. Log in as often as you could and talk to the people who are in there so they’ll know who is the brain behind the group.

Parties are important, because they will help you prepare for the next step of being a celebrity. Parties allow you to bond with your community, building relationships that are valuable to being a star. Sometimes this could mean communicating outside of the virtual world through email, messenger services and others.

That’s not bad, but keep the rules of Internet safety in mind: never reveal anything sensitive no matter how close you are to that member of your community.

Next, organize a big event. This could be a concert, and entice friends of your friends to come and attend. Remember, your imagination is the limit so you can be a singer or a dancer in your own right in your virtual world. Be ready to organize many other concerts, because, once the first one is a hit, people will be clamoring for you!

If this doesn’t work the first time, don’t get discouraged. Keep on organizing parties and concerts. The point, after all, is to have fun.

Just like in real life, it does take time to become a minor celebrity in IMVU, or in any other virtual world out there. However, if you diligently exert time and effort towards that goal, then you’re certainly going to achieve it.

When you’ve become a celebrity, then you should enjoy that moment and keep the ball rolling. Who knows, someone might just discover you and move your being a celebrity to real life!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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