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How Often Should You Check Your Virtual World?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen How often should you be logging in to your virtual world account? Virtuell Worlds Land! - How Often Should You Check Your Virtual World?

Virtual worlds are fun. In a virtual world, you can do almost anything, including stuff that you normally will not be able to do in real life. There are minimal rules when it comes to interacting and behaving in a virtual world; you’ll be surprised at how many chat rooms and communities are adult-oriented in a virtual world simulator.

There’s no denying that playing a virtual world sim could be an addicting experience for some people. Others practically go online and manage their avatar everyday! For others, logging in after a couple of days’ absence is sufficient.

The question is – how often should you really check your virtual world? Is there a cut-and-dried rule governing the frequency of one’s presence in the virtual world?

The answer is: it’s totally up to you!

A virtual world simulator is not a Facebook game in which you have to continually check the progress of your crops, or your city. It’s a world that you create for your own satisfaction and control. Hence, you don’t let yourself be governed by any rule here, especially ones that tell you that you should log in to your IMVU or your Second Life account every day or once every two days.

You could even log in only once a month and no one will hold you at fault for that.

However, you should also bear in mind that you have a community waiting for you with your virtual world account. This is a community that shares every interest or preferences that you have – that is why you joined that community in the first place, isn’t it? Hence, if you’re not that active with your virtual world, you are missing out on the opportunity of meeting new people or interacting with those that have a mutual interest with you.

What is really important is that you don’t allow the virtual world to interfere with your affairs in real life. If you lose sleep because you are too busy with your virtual world at night, your school or your jobs could be materially affected by the behavior. When you choose to let the virtual world become your “real” world for you, then that could also become a problem as well!

In a nutshell, the frequency of your appearance in a virtual world should be balanced. If your real world life is not affected by your spending a lot of time in your virtual world, then logging in everyday should not be a problem. If you’re busy with work or other undertakings in life, then logging in every two or three days should be a good frequency. It really varies from person to person so, if you’re thinking about being very active in a virtual world.

Being a member of a virtual world is a great experience. You can do many things that you normally won’t be able to do in the real world. You can be yourself here, which is why so many people find themselves hooked to managing their virtual worlds. However, there should be a balance between your virtual world life and your life in the real world.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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