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Games like Movie Star Planet

Diesen Artickel einschätzen If you are looking for a new game, then check out this list of Games like Movie Star Planet and see what you can find that is similar to this amazing fun virtual world. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Games like Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet is a hugely popular virtual world game enjoyed by many people around the world and in this article we'll be talking about some games that resemble it in various different ways and we will also be discussing what makes those other games so good.

In Movie Star Planet, everything is just bigger. It isn't just your average virtual world in which you live out a standard life, it's instead a brilliant game where you must get to the top and make yourself the center of attention. Although the core idea is different from traditional virtual worlds, the gameplay is actually quite similar since you can meet new people, go to cool places and of course enjoy some shopping on your free time.

Other than gameplay, Movie Star Planet looks like a top tier game as well. The in-depth character customization means that all players will have characters that look unique and instances where two players have the same looking characters are pretty much non-existent. The art style is top notch and all the glamour, flashiness and beauty really makes this game stand out as one of the best looking virtual worlds out there.

In Super Secret you get to create an avatar of your own and embark on a quest to become recognized as the most stylish and fashionable person on the planet. The glamour and flair in this game are only topped by the fact that you get your very own penthouse to decorate as you see fit and can invite people over for fun times whenever you want.

Monster High is quite the unique game since, as the name implies, you'll be playing as an actual monster. Due to the fact that all players are monsters, character customization options go through the roof since you can change up a lot more things than you normally would be able to in a standard character. Meet new people and go on awesome quests to have the time of your life in this epic virtual world.

Meez gives players the opportunity to unleash their creativity and show the world how stylish they can be. It's full of style and fashion but alongside that it also has all the standard things that make virtual worlds great such as exploration, the ability to meet and socialize with new people and of course tons of cool mini-games.

Shidonni is a game that places you into a colorful world that's ripe for exploration and is full of cool mini-games for you to enjoy. You have your very own house to decorate and can meet new people through many different means. Overall, Shidonni should definitely impress whoever gives it a shot since it's full of fun stuff to do and can be enjoyed for hours upon hours each day.

You can already guess by the name of this game that it's probably full of glamour and fashion. Stardoll gives players the ability to design their very own clothes and alongside this they can try on cool make-up and various other fashion accessories in their quest to be the most popular in town. The community is also pretty active which means that you'll encounter a lot of great people along your journey.

All things considered, the games mentioned above resemble Movie Star Planet in many ways and are all great fun . We had an awesome time when we were playing them so we recommend that you try them out for yourself as well.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

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