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Games Like IMVU

Diesen Artickel einschätzen IMVU is a massively popular Virtual World, here we will explore a little as to why, and then bring you more worlds to enjoy at the same time. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Games Like IMVU

In the world of IMVU you can be anything, and anyone you want. With a fantastic range of clothes, places to hang out, houses and all those luxury items you ever dreamed of. And they are all there for you to own and show off to the world.

The ability to do anything is one that sometimes we all wish we could have, and in virtual worlds you can. You choose everything from your looks to the wardrobe you own and where you want to hang out. There are millions of players all over the world that you can meet and hang out with too, and thats just IMVU.

Below we have a selection of other virtual worlds, each with their own unique touches that make them interesting, fun and most of all fantastic to play. We have been to all of these places, and had a great time in all of them.

Second Life is perhaps one of the best known virtual worlds around, and with good reason. There are even live concerts and lectures to be found, among all of the fun things you can do too.

With Blue Mars you are entering a truly stuning world, with a beauty that is hard to match anywhere. Create your own items to sell or just go meet new people in a truly self created world.

Drive your own car around Onverse and explore a place full of rich and vibrant life. There are lots of cities and places for you to explore and a lively nightlife to find and enjoy.

Inworldz lets you build your own paradise island. Here you are free to create anything you want, from anywhere you want. The size of your island can be upgraded to make them into a city. Let your imagination run wild here.

One of the newer games NuVera Online has everything you would expect from a virtual world all in one easy to explore place. With the option to buy items outside of the game and instantly use them too you can easily fill your wardrobe and take to the streets looking sharp.

Avataria is the only Facebook game to make it to our list, but what a world this is, with a unique flavour and look you can create your perfect world right here, and share it with your friends. With a simply amazing range of options you will never be bored here.

And there we have a series of games each of which transports to a place where anything goes. Create a haven for yourself and your friends and enjoy every moment of being there. We hope you enjoy these places as much as we have, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Want to find and play more games like the ones you know and love? Drop by now!

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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