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Games like AdVenture Capitalist

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Did you enjoy AdVenture Capitalist? Here are a few games that offer you, more or less, the same experience that you have enjoyed from it. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Games like AdVenture Capitalist

Did you enjoy AdVenture Capitalist? This idle game has a lot of features for the aspiring capitalist in you. Imagine just setting up a few businesses, managing them for a bit and then leaving them to work on their own?

That’s one of the realities that we, as people, have wanted. AdVenture Capitalist offers you that opportunity to experience that for yourself, and without having to spend money out of your own pocket. It’s free to play through Steam too!

Now, are you wondering what other games there are that are similar to that wonderful game? Well, read on and know about a few games that offer you, more or less, the same experience that you have enjoyed from AdVenture Capitalist.

First in line is Pot Farm: High Profits. You read that right. It’s pot! In this game, you’ll take on the role of a hippie who decides to go beyond the lifestyle, and be a marijuana planter. In here, you’ll be endeavoring to build your very own weed empire, providing the benefits of the plant to the populace. Just like AdVenture Capitalist, it’s an idle clicker that you can easily get into the flow of.

Pay attention to the tutorials that the game gives you at the beginning of your adventure. These will guide you along your way. You’ll be able to unlock all the game’s content in no time. Even when you’ve gone real far into the game, the developers put in some bonus content that should keep you occupied and continually enamored.

You also have Investor City. Although it’s not an idle clicker game like the two aforementioned games, Investor City offers you a more intimate experience in building your own business from scratch. Under the guidance of an AI named Jessica, you establish your first business in the form of a hotel, to take advantage of the opportunities in tourism.

From that small hotel, you start on the road to business. You can invest on many other enterprises from which you collect your income from. Following the tips of Jessica as well as your own business acumen, you can become one of the most prosperous entrepreneurs in the game’s world.

Let’s move on to the voxel-based world. Thanks to Minecraft, this genre has become popular and has branched out from the MMO world and into empire building games. One of the games in this sub-genre is Growtopia.

Just like most voxel-based games, Growtopia features a world that you can build by collecting the materials around you. You smash stuff around you in order to reveal the materials that are hidden beneath the surface. You can plant seeds, and collect food from them. There are lots of things that you can do here, including chatting with friends and random players because this is a virtual world.

Growtopia can be played on Mac and Windows, but there are also mobile versions for iTunes and Google Play Store.

Diesen Artickel einschätzen

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