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Can You Still Play Club Penguin?

Diesen Artickel einschätzen Is there any way people can still play Club Penguin? Well with it fading into obscurity and no publisher that can guarantee parents their children will be safe online, the answer is no. So here are a few suggestions you guys can try out until the day comes Club Penguin opens its doors once again. Virtuell Worlds Land! - Can You Still Play Club Penguin?

Club Penguin was a widely famous massively multiplayer online game back in the day. It is a virtual world where people create their very own cartoon penguin avatar to play with. The game was released to the general public in 2005 and garnered a whopping 30 million user accounts and eventually even skyrocketed to 200 million users. Through paid memberships, subscribers gain access to clothing, furniture, and in-game pets.

Number 2: Minecraft

Thanks to its undeniable success, the Walt Disney Company acquired the rights to Club Penguin back in 2007. They prioritized child safety and implemented multiple systems to ensure it was kept. The game was eventually canceled and officially closed its doors in 2017.

Even though the main title has ended its run, just a day after its announcement, Disney Canada launched a mobile successor called Club Penguin Island, getting mixed reviews. It ran for a bit longer but also it eventually shut down.

So the question is, for the fans of this beloved title, is there any way people can still play Club Penguin? Well, with reception going down and no company to assure parents their children will be safe online, the answer is no. So here are a few suggestions you guys can try out.


Number 3: Roblox

Minecraft is the pioneer and premier voxel-based sandbox survival, crafting, and adventuring title out on the market. This gem was created by Mojang back in the day and is now currently owned by Microsoft Game Studios. It has spawned many clones since its release, all trying to replicate its success. This game has allowed players to unleash their creativity and encourages interactions with others to do great things. Numerous mods are available to be installed, providing unique experiences for each individual. You can also dive head first to thousands of servers worldwide, offering different forms of activities for people to enjoy.


Number 4: Stardew Valley

Roblox is the entry that can rival or sometimes outshine Minecraft in terms of what it can offer. You see, it is not just a game; it is an entire platform at this point. Just like the prior title, it offers massive freedom for players to showcase their creativity. It may not be as survival-focused, but it is the very definition of a sandbox. The imagination is the limit to what can be created. Not to mention the numerous people dedicated to sharing their beloved original game concepts with others, it is so easy to put something up and have others try it out for their entertainment.

Stardew Valley

Number 1: Club Penguin

Stardew Valley is a more straightforward and curated experience. It does not have MMO functionalities like the other two, but it still supports a decent multiplayer experience. Plant crops, take care of animals, mine ores, do whatever interests you, and do it with your friends. Divide the work or have a go at it together to make the most bountiful farm in the valley. It is a relaxing time and is full of family-friendly activities to be done.

Will we see the franchise revived soon? No one knows, but it is clear there is a niche for a space catering to social interactions and fun activities with friends. So hope that these titles mentioned in the article will tide you over until someone decides to open Club Penguin’s doors once again. Apart from the abovementioned games, if you're looking for other alternatives, be sure to check out our games like Club Penguin list.

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