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5 Virtual Worlds for Girls

Diesen Artickel einschätzen There are lots of games that are designed for a more feminine audience, and in this article we will discuss 5 of the best. Virtuell Worlds Land! - 5 Virtual Worlds for Girls

The virtual world genre is without a doubt the most massive since it offers games that cater to pretty much every kind of audience and in this article we'll be talking about the games that are targeted towards girls and we'll also be discussing what makes them worth playing.

Out of the many factors that contribute to making a good virtual world game for girls, perhaps the most major one is the fact that they offer a ton of customization. Girls often like to pretty up their characters and make them look according to their liking so the virtual world games targeted at them generally have a pretty massive amount of customization options to facilitate this as much as possible.

Another defining feature of these games is the fact that they're pretty much full of great social features. There are tons of hangout spots where players can simply go, chill and meet new people. The fun doesn't just stop at meeting people though as you can play a lot of cool mini-games with each other for some great moments. It's also worth mentioning that the game worlds are substantially massive which opens up a lot of exploration opportunities as well. The following games fit the above criteria and really managed to catch our attention

In GalaStories players are given the opportunity to live the glamorous life of a couture designer and make a name for themselves in the magnificent world of fashion. To keep things interesting, the game is full of different kinds of quests that can be completed for incentives and they also make sure that players always have a sense of direction. Of course the highlight has to be the fact that you yourself will have a major part in determining the fashion trends by creating outstanding outfits.

Lady Popular Lady Popular is a brilliant, fashion oriented game in which players can create their character and go around the world exploring, making new friends and playing tons of cool mini-games along the way. There's a ton of customization to be done and the variety of outfits is truly incredible and sets this game apart from the crowd.

Second Life is a top tier virtual world that pretty much fits the preferences of all player-bases. It has tons of fun stuff to do such as flying around the world to explore it or going off to cool parties to simply dance and have a good time. The game's community is absolutely massive and makes sure that anyone who gives it a shot will meet a lot of cool people along the way.

Baby & Me is a rather casual but highly enjoyable virtual world that adds a unique twist into the mix. Instead of making players live their own life, the game gives them a baby to raise which adds a lot of depth to the gameplay and makes things feel a lot more enjoyable since there's always something to do due to your baby always being around. Alongside this, it's packed with all the features that make the virtual world genre so great.

Stardoll allows anyone who gets into it to live out the life of their dreams in glamorous fashion. Players are given full control and are therefore allowed to design their own clothes, set up their own makeup and do everything as they please. There are daily fashion shows as well where people are given the opportunity to show off their skills and fashion sense to the world.

Overall, the games mentioned above are great fun to play so we recommend that you try at least one of them out to see for yourself the high amounts of enjoyment that they have to offer.

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